This year's best celebrity Halloween costumes.

Heidi Klum is known for taking her Halloween costumes very seriously.

There was that time she dressed as an old lady. And the time she dressed as the Goddess Kali.

This year, she pulled out the big guns again with her Jessica Rabbit costume that left her looking entirely recognisable.

#heidiHalloween Such a fun night ????

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In case you were wondering how to pull off this look yourself, you may be deterred after seeing the preparation process. It looked lengthy and very, very uncomfortable.

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Although Heidi’s costume was incredible, she had some impressive competition.

Check out which American celeb went as a tooth and the famous Hollywood couple who dressed as Karl Lagerfeld and his pet cat, Choupette (yes… that happened):

Although Aussies don’t have a traditional connection to Halloween, that hasn’t stopped our local celebrities getting in on the action  too (including Bachelor Sam Wood who dressed up as ‘Where’s Woody’):

Our favourite Halloween moment? This little girl, who turned up at one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign rallies DRESSED AS HILLARY CLINTON!


Who do you think wins Best Dressed this year?