From Margot Robbie to Sophie Turner: Why every celebrity is rocking a fringe right now.

Look, it truly is the season of the fringe. Goodness, they're everywhere we turn. Pretty much every celebrity, ever, is rocking a trendy face-framing fringe right now (see: Margot Robbie, Sophie Turner, Billie Eilish, Priyanka Chopra - the whole gang). So, it's definitely the cool new 'in' thing to do with your hair.

The best part? It'll suit you. Yes, you! It doesn't matter if you have baby fuzz or hair with the texture of uncooked angel pasta - cause this cult cut is super versatile and suits any head of hair. 

Whether you want to go for something blunt and eye-grazing, or soft and layered, we guarantee you'll find one that suits your cute little dome. Promise.

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So, if you've been thinking really hard about introducing a fancy new fringe to your face, we've got you covered - this is ALL the inspo you need. 

Here are some of the best celebrity fringes that'll make you want to take the leap.

Sophie Turner.


Would ya just look at this gorgeous eye-skimming number! Courtesy of stylist Christian Wood, the actress recently debuted this bold new look, also posting a selfie to her Story captioned; “Ya gal’s BANG’d up”.

The soft, piece-y style perfectly compliments her long hair, framing her face perfectly. So flattering.

*Reaches for scissors*.

Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish has had an absolute YEAR of hair transformations.

After changing up her hair colour from her signature black and green locks, the singer recently debuted a platinum blonde shag cut - with a freshly cut blunt fringe. And oooo we're so here for this entire look.


Did you see it? Yes? Looks good, hey?!

Priyanka Chopra.

Is this our favourite hair transformation from Priyanka Chopra? Yes. Yes, it is. 

The actress debuted a v. v. chic 'French girl fringe' look - featuring an imperfect choppy cut that arches just above her brows and falls longer on the sides. The style softly frames her face, without looking too heavy or dramatic.

All about it.

Margot Robbie.

Image: Getty 


Margot Robbie rarely steers away from her signature blonde locks (except for when she went brunette in, like, 2014), so she was almost unrecognisable when she debuted a darker caramel shade and fancy new soft, feathered fringe on the recent Oscars red carpet. And it looked ~gewd~.

The extra long face-framing lengths are a fresh, relaxed style that's super versatile and perfect if you're thinking of dipping your toes in the fringe game. 

The best part of the curtain fringe style? It doesn't have to be perfect. The more dishevelled and loose it is, the better it will sit (think Bridgette Bardot vibes). And Margot absolutely nailed the brief with a super low, super loose ponytail.

Ugh. Looks so good. 

Cara Delevingne.


The shag! The choppy fringe! The rainbow eye liner! Gah!

Model Cara Delevingne makes a solid case for the '70s shag comeback, adding a choppy fringe for that messy, rocker feel. What an absolute vibe. 

Low-commitment fringe styles like this are an easy way of changing up your look without having to deal with it for agesss if it doesn't work out. 

Heidi Klum.

Yes, Heidi Klum has a fringe! And she CUT IT HERSELF WITH A BLADE BECAUSE WHY NOT.


The supermodel said in an Instagram clip, "I just asked my husband what his favourite hairstyle is and he said, "long hair with bangs," after I just grew mine out for the last four months."

"Let's give it a try, sorry Wendy, sorry Lorenzo."

Just as a disclaimer, don't... cut your fringe at home. While it somehow worked out for Klum, chances are you might regret not leaving it to the professionals.


Dakota Johnson.

As if we were going to write an article on fringes and not include Dakota Johnson! HA! Imagine.

The actress certainly knows how to work a good fringe - she's been wearing them since forever. But lately we're seeing a different version - and we kinda love it. She's moved away from the slightly fuller and thicker fringe to a longer-lengthened, low commitment fringe. Meaning she can wear it out or disguise it entirely. 

Well played, Dakota.

Elizabeth Olsen.


Elizabeth Olsen, where have you been hiding with this perfect '70s-inspired fringe?! Teaming her new cut with a darker hair colour, the actress proves you can still throw your hair up into a chic topknot if your bangs are styled correctly.

The shaggy layers offer a modern twist on the throwback style, once again proving that curtain bangs are the best noncommittal way to enter the game.

Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway showed off her windswept, French-girl fringe in a recent Instagram selfie - and we honestly thought it was Daisy Edgar-Jones (who plays Marianne from Normal People) at first glance.


This is definitely one to save as a reference for the hairdressers, friends.

Rose Byrne.

We love everything about Rose Byrne's side-swept fringe AND her commitment to COVID regulations - because two masks is always better than one. 

This minimal effort fringe gives her cropped cut a boost of volume, for a messy, textured look. It also perfectly frames her face (well, what you can see of her face).

VERY into it. We'll take two.

Alexa Chung.


Pls bow down for the Queen of the fringe, Alexa Chung.

The model recently upgraded her usual full-blown fringe to a cool-girl side-swept version (just us, or are you seeing a trend here?!). She's literally mastered all aspects of the fringe game. 

Eat your heart out, Jane Birkin.

Jennifer Lopez.


Jennifer Lopez joined the crew with this blunt cut fringe snipped by hair wizard Chris Appleton - and isn't it just the most perfect thing you've seen? (Yes. The answer is yes).

Keeping the rest of her caramel hair long and straight, Appleton gave J.Lo a diagonally cut fringe on either side of her centre part, meaning it could be easily swept to the side for that glorious 'curtain' effect. 


Halle Berry

After sporting a dramatic new micro fringe on the Oscars red carpet, the Internet had a lot of FEELS about Halle Berry's new hairstyle. But as it turns out, she played us all - it turned out to be a wig.

BUT! That doesn't mean she's steering away from the fringe game IRL. She recently debuted a soft choppy fringe, parted in the middle - and ooft! Suits her.

Felicity Jones.


This fringe is an actual... artwork.

Is it just us, or does Felicity Jones' fringed hairstyle have this timeless, chic appeal about it? Like, it literally looks like it's made for her face. Parted and layered, we reckon this side-swept curtain number is another perfect starter for those who are a bit nervy of taking the leap. It's fresh, versatile and relaxed.

Andra Day.

Image: Getty 


Andra Day's curly fringe may be one of our favourite fringes so far. NBD.

She recently walked the Oscars red carpet with her gorgeous natural curls pulled up in a high, voluminous updo, with a perfectly defined fringe pulled through to frame her face. The loose coils gave her look a chic, fresh vibe, and it's all the proof you need that gals with curly hair *can* pull off a fringe, thank you very much.

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It's also a reminder that faking a fringe is a real winner if you're undecided on the whole whether to cut your hair thing (read: all of us). And anyone can do it - really! You can get the look in around 50 seconds. Plus, it makes a regular updo seem approximately 3792 times fancier - so, there's that too.

Haley Bennett.

Haley Bennett looks like an *actual* garden fairy, but it's her blunt, choppy fringe we can't get enough of. 


The style works perfectly with her chin-grazing bob, perfectly accentuating her features and proving that there's a flattering fringe style for literally every face shape. See! Told ya. 

Maria Bakalova.

Image: Getty 

Maria Bakalova recently stunned on the Oscars red carpet with her old Hollywood glam look, but it was her chic side fringe that really did it for us. 

Her blonde locks were pulled into an elegant low bun, with a voluminous and textured side fringe adding a touch of glamour to her entire 'do. Looks classy AF.

We're big fans of the side fringe, because it's the perfect style for softening facial features, and is far less intimidating than a choppy, micro or blunt fringe (cool but scary). 

It also requires pretty minimal upkeep. So, yeah - just another great option if you're thinking of dipping your toes into the fringe game.

Anyway, you should totally try it.

Which celebrity fringe is your favourite? Would you try this style? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @cwoodhair; @annehathaway; @chrisappleton1.