From Smother to Deadwater Fell, 6 new UK thriller series you can binge this weekend.

There's something about UK thrillers and crime shows. 

At their best, they combine darkly twisted storylines, delightful accents, beautiful scenery and brilliant never-saw-it-coming twists. 

While Broadchurch, The Fall and Marcella have established themselves as household names, there's a bunch of other twisty, addictive series that have somewhat fallen under the radar. 

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So if you fancy yourself a bit more David Tennant and a few dead husbands, here are six more UK thrillers and crime shows you can binge this weekend: 

Deadwater Fell

David Tennant in Deadwater Fell. Image: Binge.  

Broadchurch's rather tall and handsome David Tennant is back with another dark and twisted murder mystery in the four-part British miniseries, Deadwater Fell. 

The series is set in a remote Scottish village, and stars Tennant as the local GP, Dr Tom Kendrick. 


When Tom's wife and three children are killed in a house fire - in which he is the only survivor - he is immediately put under suspicion. 

So did the tall, dark, handsome doctor do it or is he being set up? 

You can watch Deadwater Fell on SBS on Demand or Binge. 


Image: ABC iview.  

Smother is an Irish thriller written by Kate O'Riordan, in which the accents are delightful and the twists are non-stop. 

The series is set in a small town on the rugged coast of County Clare and follows the story of Val Ahern (Dervla Kirwan) whose husband, Denis, announces their impending divorce during her birthday party. Then he's found dead at the bottom of a cliff. 

As Val looks into Denis' relationships with the people around them, while trying to solve the mystery of his death, she becomes determined to protect their three daughters - Jenny, Anna and Grace - at all costs. 

It's a lovely family drama with a spot of murder and a truckload of secrets. 

You can watch the first season of Smother on ABC iview now. 

The Pact

Image: Stan.  


The Pact is a Welsh series which kind of combines Horrible Bosses with A Weekend At Bernies and Pretty Little Liars. 

The series centres on a bunch of women - Anna (Laura Fraser; Breaking Bad), Nancy (Julie Hesmondhalgh; Broadchurch), Louie (Eiry Thomas; Keeping Faith) and Cat (Heledd Gwynn; Ordinary Lies) - who work on the floor at a local brewery. 

During a work night out, they decide to play a prank on Jack, their new boss and heir to the brewery throne, by leaving him drunk, passed out, with his pants around his ankles in the middle of the woods. 

The next morning, Jack is found dead. 

So did the four friends have something to do with it? Or is someone setting them up?

You can watch the first two episodes of The Pact on Stan now. 

Finding Alice

Image: ABC iview.  

The night Alice (Keeley Hawes) and Harry move into their dream 'smart house', Harry falls down the stairs and dies. 

Yes, we have another dead husband. But it's a nice change from the dead wife narrative. 


Harry's sudden death kicks up a storm of family secrets and mountains of debt, forcing Alice to question whether she ever really knew the man she lived with for 20 years. 

The series also stars Joanna Lumley, Isabella Pappas, and Nigel Havers. 

You can watch Finding Alice on ABC iview now.

The Drowning

Image: Stan.  

If you need a break from the dead husbands, here's a missing, presumed dead son. 

When Jodie's (Jill Halfpenny) son Tom was just four years old, he drowned in a lake during a family gathering. His body was never found. 

Eight years later, Jodie is driving to see a client when she sees a teenager named Daniel boarding a bus. She becomes convinced Daniel is her son. 

But getting close to Daniel means opening the lid on the past and finding out what really happened during that family gathering. 

You can watch the first season of The Drowning on Stan now. 

Behind Her Eyes

Image: Netflix.  


When Sarah Pinborough's thriller Behind Her Eyes was published in 2017, the book was marketed with an ominous warning.

"Don't trust this book. Don't trust this story."

The same can be said for the six-part mini-series that dropped onto Netflix in February of this year. 

The psychological thriller follows the story of single mother Louise (Simona Brown) who gets caught up in an affair with her psychiatrist boss David (Tom Bateman), while forming an unlikely friendship with his mysterious wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). 

It's an enthralling series with a bizarre twist that will blow ya socks off. 

You can watch the first season of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix now.

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