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LEIGH CAMPBELL: After 20 years in beauty, here are the 9 best things I've learned.

I've been in this gig a long time (testing beauty products/interviewing beauty experts), and have probably accumulated 4835 beauty tips over the years. Do I remember them all? No. Do I always practise what I do remember? Also no.

While you're here, watch Leigh answer questions about cleansing, toning and hand washing. Post continues after video.

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But the below nine are the beauty rules I do live by after two decades in the industry. 

1. All the fancy and expensive makeup in the world won't give you a ‘flawless finish’ if you don’t take care of your skin. 

That’s not to say you need a high-maintenance skincare routine that sends you broke, but focusing on skin health will ultimately mean your makeup looks better (and you’ll probably use less, too).

2. As we get older (cough cough, referring to myself here), it might be time to ditch the under eye concealer.

And just use your hydrating foundation in that area. Conversely, concealer can make us look older or more tired than we’d like. A hydrating foundation is lighter and still does the job. 

3. Sleep.

It’s the centre from which all beauty and wellness stems from. I know this because I am a terrible sleeper and have read many, many books on the topic (here’s a great one). Having good sleep hygiene before bed (phones down at 8pm, no TV in the bedroom etc etc) is so important that if all the other health benefits don't excite you, good sleep will make you look healthier and more youthful.

4. You’re (probably) using your conditioner and hair masks wrong.

Think of it like this - if you have a full glass of water, how much more water can you pour into the glass? None. That’s why it's so important to squeeze out as muuuuuch water from your hair as you can before using a mask or conditioner. If your hair is sopping wet, the product can't really get in. Less water in the strands = better penetration. Try it and let me know how much your hair is. 

5. Drinking lots of water does not directly hydrate the skin, that’s a myth.

BUT, getting adequate H20 into your belly everyday does wonderful things to many of your organs that have a knock-on effect on your skin. Ample water intake reduces the burden on our kidneys and liver by helping to flush waste from the body. It’s also really important for your energy levels (dehydration presents at low energy or fatigue) and we all know we need energy left at 9pm to do our skincare. 

6. Less really is better.

Sounds counterintuitive coming from someone who tells you about the best new products every day of the week, but just because something is new and exciting, it doesn't mean you have to add it to your beauty routine. 

Image: Instagram @leighcampbell.

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