Everything you need to know about beauty and health this week.

Elissa, showing off her favourite skincare product.

Welcome to our beauty  and health news wrap, where we bring you some of the best content from our new little sister The Glow. This week, we’re talking about winter skin, getting on the poo-pipe (really) and how to do your eye make up in under two minutes. Here’s the best beauty news of the week:

Why I’ve been getting colonics for 13 years – Rachel Corbett has suffered from painful bloating since she was a kid. But colonic irrigation fixed her right up. She’s answered all our burning questions about it.

My mother told me this oil would save my skin, and she was right –  Elissa Ratliff’s mother used to be a beauty therapist. It was at her knees that Elissa discovered the oil that fixed her pimples and her dryness.

Everyone did something to their hair this week. Seriously, Olivia Palermo went blonde, Catherine Martin got an adorable pixie cut, Kristen Stewart debuted a haircut that was borderline controversial… and while it’s not exactly hair related, Jennifer Lawrence showed us not even movie stars are immune to dodgy spray tans.

The magazine cover that actually looks makeup-free. Rachel McAdams on Allure, fresh, natural and with real, human under eye-crinkles. Astonishing!

The two minute eye makeup tutorial anyone can do. It is possible to give yourself a pretty dramatic smokey eye, using nothing but a bronzer from the bottom of your handbag.

My $1200 hair mistake. Grace Jennings-Edquist has a serious warning for all bottle blondes.

The new workout everyone’s talking about. Harbour dreams of being a ballerina, but can’t touch your own toes? You’re not alone. Dimity Kirkwood went to investigate Barre, the ballet inspired workout that’s right en pointe.

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