Six Australian podcasts that really tickle my fancy.

My podcast diet is crammed with American voices.

They make some good shows over there; (see previous posts) but it’s usually a certain type of podcast: beautifully produced and easy on the ear, but so earnest.

So for those times when I want to hear the twang of an Aussie accent, a cheeky piss take, or uniquely Australian viewpoint, here’s where I go.

If I’ve missed your favourite (and I KNOW I will have), chuck it on the facebook page or tweet me @mamamiapodcasts so I can get it in my ears too!

Humans Of Twitter 

Steve Molk is a TV reviewer and twitter obsessive who gains access to some big Australian names in this show. And once he has them in his clutches, he manages to elict the most interesting insights and stories from his guests. The Corinne Grant ep is a beauty; she left comedy while she was at it’s pinnacle to study law. Who the f**k does that? I find myself listening to Molk’s interviewing techniques as much as anything. Journo students; take note.

Deeply Shallow Podcast with Em Rusciano

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I once asked Em Rusciano how to be better at small talk.  She told me: she doesn’t ‘do’ small talk. Instead, she leaps straight into the centre of a conversation. Her podcast is ALL that.  It’s like the audio equivalent of someone putting their hairy balls on the table and saying “well, mine are out…now show me yours”. The Michael Lucas episode (he is ” the arsehole that killed Patrick on Offpring”) is vintage Em; there so many nineties references that you’ll find yourself talking out loud, saying “Yes, I spent hours taping Video Hits too! THE KIDS TODAY WILL NEVER KNOW THE STRUGGLE!”.

Story Club Ep#9: Inconsistencies With The Presentation Of The Pasta Special

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I love this podcast, it’s full of short, beautifully crafted and very well presented short stories. I’ve listened to this particular episode several times and each time, SNORTED with laughter. Rebecca Huntley volunteers at her child’s school canteen, and regales the internal politics of tuckshop mums.  Honorable mention to the episode with Buzzfeed’s Alex Lee on the most mortifying retail moment of her life.


Meshel Laurie Nitty Gritty Committee: Behind Closed Doors

I think it’s the philosophy of this show I love the most. Meshel Laurie finds stories that might never see the light of day. Like she says, “the guts and the glory of life”. And with family violence at epidemic levels, it’s front of mind for many Australians. In this episode, she talks to an abuser who beat his partner ‘over nothing’, and tries to understand why.

Wilosophy: the Annabel Crabb episode

I grew up listening to Wil Anderson as the funny guy on Adam And Wil (best Triple J Breakfast show evaaa); and watching him in various TV guises.  But without the time constraints of broadcast radio and TV, he just rips the cap off it and lets his skills shine. He floats effortlessly between light and shade, digs into the deeper issues without being a wanker, and regards his audience first, every time. This ep is my favourite because,well frankly, too much Annabel is never enough.

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No Filter: Rosie Batty

Ok, it’s a bit cheeky to plug our own podcasts in here, but this interview that Mia Freedman did Rosie Batty gave me goosebumpy arms. It’s an insight into Rosie’s life before she was the Rosie Batty we all know. Then there’s a part of it that I keep thinking about, where she talks about that moment when her friends started to forget what happened, and the clutching loneliness that follows. And I just want to say, Rosie: we won’t forget. Ok? We won’t.

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