How to do a salon-worthy facial with 6 products you already have at home.

We're quite partial to a facial, we are. In an ideal world where we had all the money and all time, you bet your pretty little face we'd be getting one every single week.

But if you're anything like us, fancy facials are more of an every now and then kinda thing. And if you're currently stuck in lockdown, it's more of a not at all thing. AMIRIGHT?! Ha ha ha. *Wipes away tears*.

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That being said, what if we were to tell you that giving yourself an at-home facial is a very real thing that you can do? 

No, really! It's surprisingly pretty easy.

We asked dermal therapist and founder of The Parlour Room, Natalie Ferrari, to take us through a salon-worthy facial anyone can do from home. And she did! How good.

What you'll need for an at-home facial.

The best part about this is that you'll probably have most of the products you'll need already sitting in your bathroom cupboard. Yay!

"When treating yourself to an at-home facial, the products you need are a cleanser, scrub or exfoliant, a mask of your choice, facial massage tools (like a gua sha or face roller), your serums, and any creams," said Ferrari. 


"The best part about an at-home facial is that you can play around with the products and curate the steps you want to include so depending on what you want to target, you can really mix and match as you please."

Just make sure you're not trying too many new products on your face at the one time, yeah? Ferarri said it's best to make sure you select products you already use in your routine so you don't end up overloading your poor face.

"Sometimes new products can cause your skin to purge or strip your barrier," she adds. Which is... not ideal. So, stick to your OG's for now!


Once you've got all your products ready to go, shut the bathroom door - cause it's time to get the mood right...

"It’s really helpful to set the scene by lighting a candle, putting on some calming music and allowing yourself to be present."

How to do an at-home facial.

1. Double cleanse.

To start, grab your cleanser - you're going to give your skin a double cleanse. 

"I like to double cleanse using the Is Clinical Cleansing Complex," said Ferrari. "It’s a really beautiful gentle cleanser that is also really good for removing makeup."

Wondering why you're cleansing your skin twice? Good question.

"While the first cleanse gets rid of the topical dirt and grime, the second cleanse provides a deep clean right into your pores so they’re ready to soak up all the goodness to follow," said Ferrari.

2. Scrub.

"Next, you want to gently exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliating is really important as it will help prevent any clogged cores and any potential breakouts. Leaving you with a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion."

Remember, gentle is best here, you guys! Don't get too rough/crazy.

3. Mask.

"Now that you’ve properly prepped and cleansed the skin, it’s time to apply your mask."

When it comes to masking, Ferrari said to opt for something that helps target your chief skin concerns - whether it be breakouts, dryness or dullness.

"Depending on what you want to achieve, this could be a clay mask to help draw out impurities or a beautiful hydrating gel or sheet mask to help plump the skin and for a more hydrated radiant glow."

So, mask up!

"I also like to use a damp warm cloth to remove any products as well to give that spa feel at home."

4. Facial massage.

"If you’ve chosen to use a sheet mask, you can use your gua sha tool or face roller over the top, but if not, I like to apply a bit of facial oil to my skin after I’ve removed my mask, and then use the gua sha."

"It has a really soothing effect and is also great for relaxing the muscles and shifting any build-up of toxins to really awaken the skin for an overall brighter complexion. I’ll then pat dry the skin with a warm damp towel."

5. Serums.

Next, you're going to reach for the heavy lifters - your serums.

"Serums are great as they’re essentially a really potent concentrate that can penetrate the skin cells much deeper than either an oil or moisturiser can so are able to deliver active ingredients where they're needed most," explains Ferrari.


When it comes to applying your serums, Ferrari said it’s important to remember you only need a small amount. Like, for real. 

"A few droplets into the palm of your hands and then gently press these onto the skin. Making sure not to go too close to the eye area."

6. Creams.

The last step? Eye creams and moisturiser. 

"I love the O Cosmetics Immortal Cream, $104, which not only acts as a final barrier and protective layer for your freshly cleansed skin, but also helps seal in all those active ingredients so they’re able to really work their magic overnight."

"With your eye cream, you only need to use about the size of a grain of rice per eye, and gently press this in around the orbital and brown bone." 

"After I complete my facial, I’ll then make myself a warm tea and give myself 15 minutes or so to relax in a cozy place, on the couch usually, to let all the beautiful products soak in."


Would you try this at-home facial? Go on, don't be shy! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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