Best and worst + the pics you need to see this week

Hmmm. Some weeks – many weeks – just truck along hardly rating a blip on the radar of your life. And then other weeks, well let’s just say all kinds of craziness occurs and you get to the end of it feeling like you’ve been caught up in a freak storm.  Yep. It’s been one of those types of weeks for us at Mamamia!

The post that (unexpectedly) made us all laugh was the story on everyone’s public transport nightmares. Some of the  shared stories are funny (JJ was tut-tutting two drunk men on the train until she realised one of them was her uncle!). Some are lovely (like Girly who was serenaded!). And some were just plain gross (the story of the guy clipping his nails all over the floor. Noice.)

The post that has us cheering had to be the news that photoshopped images of Julia Roberts (much as we love her) were banned for being ‘misleading’.

The post that got us thinking was about why women tend to have more relationship regrets than men. Really? Oh yeah.  And you shared your stories of abusive relationships, affairs and more.

Meanwhile debate is still raging over this post: the politician and the aqua high heels. You should join in, we’d love to hear your opinion

And the post that made us reminisce had to be that moment when you realise  your childhood is over.  Reading the comments on that one was like a walk down memory lane.

And now it’s time to look back at your week. This has become Mamamia’s favourite tradition (and our longest running). This is the place  where anything goes – feel free to rejoice in your triumphs, or seek comfort for your tribulations.   This is the Mamamia community at its very best so come in and join us…

What were the best and worst parts of your week and what is on your mind?