Best and worst of the week + the week in pics

Time for Mamamia’s most popular weekly post where you get to share and vent. Laugh and cry. There’s something quite cathartic about reflecting on the highest and lowest points of your week and sharing them anonymously with strangers. Especially when the strangers become familiar people who cheer and commiserate and follow your progress. That’s how we roll around here, don’t you know it. If you’re new to Mamamia or this post, remember that your ‘worsts’ don’t have to be tragic or serious. Trivial is totally fine.

No need to use your real name – as always. And it sure makes fascinating reading so be sure to come back and check out comments which continue to pour in throughout the weekend.

So what were your best and worst bits of the week?

Plus check out the gallery below for the pictures we are all talking about this week…