Best and worst of the week!

It’s been a while since I wrote the best/worst post. If you’re new to this one it’s our regular Friday post where we share the best and worst bits of our week. And this is no ordinary week because my best is really, really exciting and wonderful.

Regular Mamamia readers may know that MM’s Rebecca Sparrow came into my life almost exactly a year ago. The circumstances were tragic. Her second daughter, Georgie, had been stillborn last September and two of her friends – Kate Hunter and Jess Rudd – contacted me independently to ask if Mamamia had ever published posts on bereavement of that kind and whether I had any suggestions of how they could support their shattered friend. I worked out they were talking about the same person and got in touch with Bec directly.

An extraordinary friendship blossomed from the unspeakable tragedy of Bec and her husband Brad losing Georgie. And as torturous as parts of this year have been for them, every day I’m grateful to have Bec in my life. She was broken in so many places and in some of those places, she always will be. For both Bec and Brad, Georgie is in their DNA, she’s their daughter and their lives are forever changed by having and losing her.

But like everyone who is lucky enough to have Bec in their lives, I watched and listened over this past year as she and Brad bravely and determinedly navigated the treacherous, lonely path of grief.


Our arms were there to hold her up whenever we could but there were (and will be) many times that no amount of love and support can ameliorate the pain of her missing daughter.

It’s incredible to me how much I’ve learned from Bec this past year since we became so close so quickly. Not only has our working relationship been a massive asset for Mamamia and every one of you who has benefited from her innate talent, but Bec has supported me in so many ways with advice, love and wisdom.


Cut to the chase already, right?

Bec’s pregnant. She’s more than halfway and she’s ready to share this news with everyone in the Mamamia community who have given her such love and support over this past year. Anyone who has lost a child during pregnancy or after birth knows full well that one life doesn’t cancel out another. This baby is not Georgie and it does not ameliorate her loss. There will always be a Georgie-shaped hole in the lives of Bec, Brad and their eldest daughter, beautiful Ava. This news, this new life is a blessing for their family and everyone who knows and loves them.

Bec, Brad and Ava? Congratulations on the best best I can imagine.


What were your best and worst bits of the week?