Best and worst of the week


Welcome to this week’s round of best and worst, a post that’s become a much-loved tradition here at Mamamia. It’s been chilly out there, so rug up, put your feet up and share the best and worst bits of your week with us.

This week on Mamamia has been huge – on the news front, we’ve looked at feminism as well as the debate over the link between pubic hair and cervical cancer.  It’s also been a big week for relationships -we chatted about the secrets of loved up couples, discussed  what might have been the weirdest royal wedding ever and flicked through the photos from Kate Moss’ wedding.

We talked about health anxiety and women lying about their weight, as well as oral sex and the other side of Katie Price. We also read about a great cause for this month’s First Wednesday Club.

We chatted about the worst sounds in the world, as well as the song lyrics we remember and how much money we need. We also debated whether we believe in fate or coincidence and told kids to go out and climb a tree.


We read some great stories from our contributors this week- one man’s beautiful and moving account of dealing with the loss of a child, another man’s account of how it gets better, and a fascinating look at behind the scenes in breakfast radio.

We also launched the Mamamia job board this week, so go over and take a peek.

If you’re looking for some great quick recaps on what’s been happening in the news this week, you can go here, here, here, here or even here. And to find out what Mia and the rest of the team has been up to, take a look here.

Finally, we flicked through a gallery of Kate Middleton – we can’t get enough of her.

Now – onto best and worst. I’ll start with my worst…

Worst: I went to Canberra this week to play touch football for my uni because I am a sporting superstar (I use ‘superstar’ in the sense of ‘person who has no idea what they’re doing 99% of the time’) and it was, well, interesting. To start with, my computer broke and with it went my packing list. I am nothing without lists so I kind of lost it and ended up just throwing every warm item of clothing I own into several different bags. This would have worked fine if I had just remembered to put all of the bags in the car. Specifically, the bag with my big windproof jacket and several hundred other layers.

Luckily, I didn’t forget the other bag with the rest of my clothes in it. Unluckily, I also threw a bottle of Dimetapp in at the last minute, and the lid wasn’t on properly. Dimetapp. Everywhere. So I ended up walking around wearing a Dimetapp-soaked hoodie and a blanket from the hotel room. And Havaianas with socks. Sexy.

Despite the universe being against me, I eventually made it to Canberra, where I proceeded to break two toes and get shocking windburn. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as windburn. I’m hesitant to leave the house ever again.

Best: I still had amazing fun and miraculously didn’t get hypothermia.

Over to you – what were your best and worst bits of the week?

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