It's official: These are the best and worst jobs for 2015.

Is your job on the list?

US company CareerCast has just released their Jobs Rated report on the best and worst jobs for the year of 2015, which assesses and ranks 200 jobs in total.

And the results almost made me cry into my coffee, because apparently, my job didn’t fare very well in comparison to others. But there’s good news if you’re mathematically minded.

“Jobs in mathematics rank among the nation’s best because they are financially lucrative, offer abundant opportunities for advancement and provide the opportunity to do great work in a supportive environment,” publisher Tony Lee said.

The worst job is said to be newspaper reporter, due to its “negative growth outlook” and low average annual salary. Other media jobs, including broadcaster and photojournalist, also didn’t do very well.

The assessment takes into account a combination of income, work environment, stress and hiring outlook to create its ranking.

How do you feel about the list? Is your job on it?

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