Best and Worst: How’s your week been so far?

Hey, friends.

Welcome to Best and Worst – a space for the Mamamia community to talk about what’s been happening in their lives.

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I’ll kick-off the celebrations, debates, bemoaning and queries by sharing the best and worst bits of my week.

And then – it’s over to you.


My best for the week hasn’t actually happened yet… But this weekend marks 10 years since my (now) husband and I finally got our shit together and started dating. We became friendly at uni and then proceeded to torture our mates with the longest courtship in history. (Sorry, guys.)

best and worst
We finally got there. Image via Sean McDonald Photography.

We ended up getting married in 2013 and I’m pretty sure you’re meant to switch to celebrating your wedding anniversary, rather than your dating anniversary, after that milestone but this one – a whole decade – deserves commemoration, I reckon.

So I’m looking forward to our weekend getaway and spending two full days eating, sleeping and watching DVDs. (I did mention we were married, right?)


One night, I was leaving work really late after doing the night shift. I have literally never encountered another human person leaving at that time before, so I thought I would be pretty safe in letting one go when I got out of the elevator.

As the lift ground to a halt, I let an almighty fart rip (I’m pregnant, OK – there’s lots of gas) and went to step out the doors only to discover a suited gentleman was getting in… because we weren’t at the ground floor yet.

“Oh,” I said as he stepped into the putrid-smelling enclosure and politely said nothing as his nostrils filled with the unmistakable stench of poo particles.

I exited the life pronto, dying of embarrassment on the inside, grinning like an idiot on the outside. It was equal parts mortifying and hilarious.

So, that’s my news. What’s been happening in your world?

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