Best and Worst of the week

Take a seat and unload

Time for Mamamia’s most popular weekly post where you get to share and vent. Laugh and cry. There’s something quite cathartic about reflecting on the highest and lowest points of your week and sharing them anonymously with strangers.

Especially when the strangers become familiar people who cheer and commiserate and follow your progress.

If you’re new to Mamamia or this post, remember that your ‘worsts’ don’t have to be tragic or serious. Trivial is totally fine.  Also feel free to share anything that’s on your mind this week (which readers have shortened to OMM – On My Mind)  doesn’t have to be worst or even best.

Me first –

BEST:  Watching Q&A on Monday night. God, I’m a nerd but between the David Hicks question and the shoe-thrower when host Tony Jones almost threw himself in front of John Howard, live television hasn’t been this exciting since the final of Australia’s Next Top Model.

WORST:  The realisation that it’s November. Wasn’t New Years Eve just, like, last weekend?


Thanks Nicola

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