Best and BEST of the week

best of the week
Nicky and Amelia

You will notice that this week I have taken the liberty of calling this post Best and Best of the week.. That is because I am a little, okay make that ridiculously excited.   In fact I have hijacked this post from the rest of the team to bring you this best piece of news.

Nicky was at work on Monday conveniently nesting by cleaning the whole office (including redesigning pictures on the wall).  She wasn’t looking very comfortable and I was torn as to whether we should just let her clean the office (she was doing an amazing job)  or whether we should insist she go home.  At about 3pm I managed to convince her to leave, her cleaning had declined and she was looking a little greenish.

On Tuesday morning we got a text. She wasn’t coming to work. BECAUSE SHE HAD A BABY!!!

Nicky’s beautiful baby girl Amelia Evelyn Johnston was born 4 weeks early on Tuesday 23 August weighing 2.7kgs. Hugest congratulations to Nicky and Matt.  And happiness and health always to the three of them today and always.

I am the proudest colleague on the planet.  Actually Mia did call me to say very excitedly “we are grannies”.  I like to think we are younger than that – but just as proud.

So really I have no worst – other than that I miss Nicky at work

On my mind: I cannot wait to meet Amelia.

So how was your week ? Here is your chance to share your bests, your worsts and whatever is on your mind. Try it, its addictive…

But before you start here’s a little brag book we have put together

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