It's official: Babies are boring.


They’re cute.  They’re cuddly. And they can scream the house down.

But they are also a lot of hard work, and dare we say it, for little return.

On the latest episode of This Glorious Mess a debate sparked up about what age you enjoy your children the most.

Vox writer Noel Murray wrote a piece about how people stop writing about their children just as they get interesting, and that you probably enjoy your child more when they get older.

Sure, the teenage years can be pretty intense, but the golden years, between 8 and 15 when they are discovering the world are pretty special.

And Holly and Andrew agreed.

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“Every single age has been brilliant because they all come with their own challenges, and there are funny things the whole way along.” Andrew admitted.

But Holly went the whole hog.

“I’m going to call it, babies are great…but they are stressful and difficult and older kids are more exciting to be around…They’re not constantly screaming or scared.”

Speaking of babies, they’re also difficult to hold, watch the Mamamia team try here:

Listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess here:

What do you think? Are babies boring?

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