Every 'savey' product recommended by the hosts of the You Beauty podcast, all in one place.

In these strange times of self-isolation, bargain buys are our absolute favourite. They’re cheap, relatively easy to get ahold of and can be seriously good.

However, with so much on the market, it can be extremely overwhelming and hard to find the beauty products that truly cut through and do the trick.

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To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best affordable skincare, makeup, hair and body care products from the past year, as recommended by the hosts of the You Beauty podcast – Leigh Campbell, Kelly McCarren and Amy Clark.

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Last year when I was doing the Tuesday episodes of the You Beauty podcast, life was good. I got to share FOUR Spendy Savey recommendations a week (two on the show and two in my newsletter). That all changed when @leighacampbell rudely returned to the podcast she started (ugh). Now I’m down to two a week, which means my You Beauty newsletter product recommendations are the best of the best ✨✨ Normally, only those who subscribe to the newsletter get them, but tonight I’m sharing this one-time special offer in a shameless attempt to get you to sign up. The newsletter drops every Saturday morning, link in bio to get it in your inbox and find out why these products are ace ???????????????????????? Thanks for reading my manifesto. Good night.

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Listen to Mamamia’s twice-weekly beauty podcast, You Beauty. In this episode, co-hosts Leigh and Kelly discuss makeup expiration dates. Post continues below.



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Hands down the MVP in my beauty arsenal RN. Listen to today’s episode of You Beauty to hear all about it. ???? #youbeautypod

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Body care and dental care

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