Once again, Brie Larson has had to present an award to Casey Affleck.

Video via Nine News.

Who can forget the moment that wiped the smile of Brie Larson’s face at the Golden Globes earlier this year?

Actually, many viewers probably missed it.

The actress and advocate for sexual abuse survivors was placed in the unfortunate circumstance of having to hand an award for Best Actor to Casey Affleck – a man who faced sexual harassment allegations.

Brie Larson remained as composed as ever. (Image via Getty.)

Larson handled her task with such poise and grace that her disdain for actor could have easily been overlooked. The 27-year-old handed Affleck the award for his acting in Machester By The Sea, but offered no warmth, hug or even a clap.

However subtle her discomfort was, it was obvious reading aloud Casey Affleck as the recipient for Best Actor wasn't a moment Larson enjoyed.

That's why it must have been all the more disheartening to have to repeat the process at the Oscars.

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Larson once again kept her composure as she announced Affleck had taken out the coveted award, for his portrayal of a man who becomes guardian to his 16-year-old nephew.

Perhaps because she knew this was coming, and probably because she knew millions of eyes were watching her reaction, this time the actress hugged Affleck as she handed him the award.

However, she didn't clap as he gave his acceptance speech.

Two sides of sexual abuse.

Affleck faced allegations that he verbally and sexually harassed two female colleagues during the production of the 2010 film he directed, I'm Still Here.

The actor denied wrongdoing and settled both claims outside of court, but details of the deals remain a secret.

Brie Larson at the Golden Globes. (Image via NBC)

Meanwhile, Larson portrayed a sexual assault survivor in Room, winning an Academy Award for Best Actress and becoming a women's rights advocate and a voice for sexual abuse victims in the process.

If it sounds to you like Larson should not have been put in that position again, you're not alone. However, Larson couldn't avoid the repeat.

Awards tradition dictates that the winner of the women's acting award will announce the winner of the men's in the same category the following year - and vice versa.

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The actress isn't the only person to make a subtle swipe at Affleck.

Perhaps as a passive protest, or intended as a dig at the actor, model Chrissy Teigan pretended to be asleep during his acceptance speech.

Other social media users voiced their disappointment that the actor had won over Denzel Washington and his praised performance in Fences.