The 12 nineties hairstyles we all had. Even if we don't want to own up to it.

The nineties hold fond memories for a number of reasons… the boy bands, the iconic films, hilarious fashion and of course often cringey beauty trends. But the hairstyles? They’re often so bad they’re almost good.

When you’re younger, you don’t always get to have a say on certain decisions… even decisions that generally affect your self-esteem, like what your hair looks like.

We all had some pretty interesting (read: hilarious) haircuts and hairstyles when we were young and while we won’t be rushing back to the hairdressers to get them again, it’s fun to look back at them with a certain sense of nostalgia. Here are the 12 best hairstyles we all tried while growing up. (Post continues after gallery.)

They may be bad, but they’re certainly iconic. And it seems like some people may be taking their feelings of nostalgia one step further… by bringing them back.

Yes, although most would argue that they’re best left to our slight embarassed but fond memories, the bantau knots  have started to reappear on celebrities like Miley Cyrus. The worst offender though? The bowl cut. Just last week Ruby Rose debuted her new bowl inspired hair on Instagram, and she’s not the only one.

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Lena Dunham sported a platinum blonde version a few months ago, Rihanna had a red bowl cut and (again) even Miley Cyrus (who could be single-handedly bringing the ’90s back) sported one for a while. (Post continues after gallery.)

While we probably won’t be adopting the bowl cut ourselves anytime soon, we have to admit  that we wouldn’t be too upset if any of the others were to make a comeback. Butterfly clips, crimping and glitter? Yes please.

Should these hairstyles stay firmly in the past, or is it time for them to return?