"It's the best my skin has ever felt": 12 women try the new dermatologist-formulated cream for plump, radiant skin.

Bespoke Skin Technology
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If you're feeling like there's a shiny new skincare product kicking around every other day, ready to pinky-promise you incredible results... that's definitely because it's truer than true.     

While we love a sparkly new investigation or beauty claim to get the bottom of at Mamamia, it ain't easyso many products! So many promises! So little face!

So, that's when we need our You Beauty Panel on the case. That is, the glorious collective of women across Australia of all skin types, ages and skin needs; willing to put their faces on the line for us all to test the latest beauty buys and report back with their honest opinions.

And we've been *itching* to hear from 100 of them on their verdict on Bespoke Skin Technology's new luxurious Dream Cream.

Listen to this episode of You Beauty, where Shazzy Hunt asks dermatologist and founder of Bespoke Skin Technology, Dr. Katherine Armour, all the skin-related questions you needed answered, like, yesterday. Post continues below.

This Australian cosmeceutical (and lady startup!) skincare brand's new active cream promises to help treat and prevent all the signs of skin ageing – gentle enough for all skin types, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. At $179 a pop, it's formulated by Bespoke Skin Technology's founder and leading dermatologist herself, Dr. Katherine Armour. 

So we KNOW it's backed by that beautiful thing, science.


The revolutionary Dream Cream is a treatment that features their unique Bespoke Complex. It's a concentrated mix of ingredients that's basically music to our ears: DNA Repair Enzymes, Bakuchiol, Niacinamide, Liquorice Root Extract and potent antioxidants. You'll also be pleased to know the Dream Cream includes anti-ageing powerhouse Astaxanthin, proven to be up to 65 times more potent than vitamin C. 

This star-studded list all works together to protect and stimulate collagen production, support barrier function, combat unwanted pigment, and soothe inflammation.

So, in short: a multi-tasking superhero. And the intended result? Plumper, firmer, and more radiant skin.

We asked Mamamia's You Beauty Panel for their first impressions after 3 to 4 weeks of use. How does it feel? What kind of results did you see? Would you recommend it? Are we loving the fully recyclable packaging?

(A side-note: for best results, our Youbies cleansed their skin, applied 1 to 2 pumps to the face, including the eye area and neck, then followed with moisturiser if needed. It's ideal for morning and/or night, but if using in the AM, they'd finish off with SPF on top, of course. A must, as we'd never want to disappoint Leigh Campbell.)

Spoiler: of the 100 women who tried the Dream Cream, incredibly, 100 per cent of our Panel said they would recommend this all-in-one cream based on the improvements to their own skin! 92 per cent said they would purchase this product, and it captured a 4.72 average star rating out of 5.

Here's some of their reviews.

Bianca, 42: "Skin is looking plumper."

"I love this cream – my skin is looking great! I used it morning and night before my moisturiser for 4 weeks, and my skin feels SO smooth and soft. After about a week of regular use, I already felt my skin looking brighter and smoother. My makeup goes on really nicely, and my skin feels amazingly supple.

"I have definitely noticed a reduction in some fine lines and pigmentation. Skin has a healthy glow, looking plumper and youthful. I would definitely recommend using this product, it's perfect for anyone wanting to reduce the appearance of their fine lines or pigmentation."

"Skin is looking plumper." Image: Supplied. 


Laura, 51: "Dream Cream goes on like a dream!"

"From the very first sight of the beautiful packaging, I loved it. This Dream Cream goes on like a dream with a slight sparkle in it, so makes your skin look luminous once applied. It's a gorgeous gold copper in colour, and makes my skin look and feel great. I've used on my face, neck and even my decolletage, so I can't wait to see the full benefits after more weeks. I would definitely recommend this product!"

Liz, 39: "My biggest concern is pigmentation and this is slowly fading!"

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these gorgeous ingredients. Bonus was that it was all-in-one. I simply applied first thing in the morning followed by SPF. My biggest concern is pigmentation and this is slowly fading!"

Debbie, 37: "My skin feels a whole lot softer and brighter."

"Feels very boujee! Loved that it went on transparent with a slight sparkle. The texture dries matte and not watery or greasy. After just one week of trying the product as part of both my day and night routine, my skin feels a whole lot softer and brighter.

"I would definitely recommend it for anyone and everyone to soften their fine lines. I especially like that this is suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding as I find it difficult to look for anti-ageing products while I am currently breastfeeding."

"My skin feels a whole lot softer and brighter." Image: Supplied. 


Rita, 42: "The Dream Cream gave me a moisturised glow."

"The Dream Cream gave me a moisturised glow. I instantly loved this cream as whilst it was quite rich, it absorbed into my skin beautifully and gave me a gentle glow. It felt very nourishing – perfect to use both day and night, and with no nasty scent.

"I found that 2 small pumps was plenty. The mix of ingredients in this product were wonderful, and I feel that it's ideal for all ages but particularly those seeking some anti-ageing support. I would certainly recommend this cream."

Danielle, 37: "My skin has been brighter, hydrated and more plump."

"Loved it! The cream was luxurious; a premium product adds to the beautiful experience. The fact the bottle is 100% recyclable added a no guilt feeling to indulging myself. 

"The finish had a shimmer to it, and the cream absorbs so nicely. With using at night, my biggest surprise was how hydrated and soft my skin felt upon waking. In the last couple of weeks since using it my skin has been brighter, hydrated and more plump than previously, which I’m so grateful for as winter and indoors lockdown had made my skin dry and irritable.  

"I would recommend it for people wanting to increase the vibrancy of their skin. The fact it’s an active cream but safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding is wonderful."

"My skin has been brighter, hydrated and more plump." Image: Supplied. 


Patrycja, 34: "A great alternative while I'm trying to conceive."

"I absolutely love this product. I'm currently trying to conceive so the product was a great alternative to a typical retinol product. I love the peachy colour of it and the shimmer it leaves on my face. I found it quite effective to get rid of the rough texture on my forehead. The product has an impressive list of ingredients and is very pleasant to use."

Kayla, 31: "Definitely adding to my beauty routine on an ongoing basis."

"I loved that there was a slight shimmer to the cream which gave a shimmery glow to my bare face. There is barely a scent which is brilliant, because scents can be hit and miss. I found that a little pump went a long way and absorbed into the skin, and that I didn't feel greasy after applying it. 

"I have very oily skin so am very cautious about what I use but it didn't exacerbate it at all. The packaging is gorgeous and I will definitely be adding this Dream Cream to my beauty routine on an ongoing basis."

Bo, 42: "It's the best my skin has ever felt. I have already excitedly spoken about this cream to a few friends!"

"It's the best my skin has ever felt after using this cream daily.

"Seriously, wow! Upon first use, my skin the next morning felt super hydrated, was plump and dewy. It took a little longer to see changes in my other skin concerns (eg. my pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles) however after several weeks now, my results are really impressive. I have already excitedly spoken about this cream to a few friends and can't wait to add it to cart and buy! I truly love it. This test experience has been truly a joy!"

"It's the best my skin has ever felt. I have already excitedly spoken about this cream to a few friends!" Image: Supplied. 


Natalie, 34: "It improved the texture of my skin significantly."

"Such a luxurious feeling, luminous moisturiser. The cream felt lovely and rich, and absorbed well which made my skin feel silky. It has a lovely glow to it. It was a perfect base for makeup. I feel like it improved the texture of my skin significantly. I recommend using this product for helping soften the signs of ageing, and I found just one pea sized pump is perfect!"

Ingrid, 49: "In just two or three days my face was looking smoother and glowier."

"It's soothing, and although it's touted as an active there's no tingling – so the results I got came a surprise. It was quick too; in just two or three days my face was looking smoother, more glowy and I had reduced redness. I'm dubious of the value of expensive skincare, but this product has forced a rethink!"

Seraya, 42: "The fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable."

"I was very excited to try this product. The active cream feels incredibly luxurious, and I definitely noticed a positive change to my skin texture and inflammation over the 3 to 4 weeks (so far) of use. Very positive experience.

"The Dream Cream was lovely to use. Beautiful pearlescent colour and the slight shimmer gave a subtle blurring effect making it great for days without foundation. I felt my skin had a better tone, texture and it did feel that the fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable. This product is beautiful a little luxury, but also allow you to minimise the fuss in your routine being an all-in-one."

"The fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable." Image: Supplied. 

Want to try Bespoke Skin Technology's new Dream Cream for yourself? Shop their all-in-one active cream here.

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Bespoke Skin Technology
"The Dream Cream was born from my desire to create a product that delivers a luxury experience and exceptional results. The Dream Cream was conceptualised off the back of 13 years clinical experience [in dermatology], and the demand for an all-in-one product that could target acne and congestion, pigmentation, sun damage and skin aging in my female patients who were pregnant, breast-feeding, or who had sensitive skin that couldn’t tolerate retinoids. After 3 years of research and development, I realised that it is perfect for daytime and night-time use, for all skin types, and concerns. Like all Bespoke products, The Dream Cream is enhanced by the latest formulation advancements and packed with multiple clinically effective ingredients. I hope that you love this product as much as I do." - Dr Katherine Armour