Bert Newton's new grandson almost died on two occasions.

Earlier this year, veteran TV star Bert Newton welcomed his fourth grandchild into the world, but he almost wasn’t able to.

Baby Monty was born in Melbourne’s Freemasons hospital in February, but his mum, Bert’s 36-year-old daughter Lauren suffered several complication during her pregnancy.

Lauren, who has three other children with husband former-Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh, suffered excessive bleeding and tore her placenta at 15 weeks, Bert told New Idea magazine earlier this month.

She was then diagnosed with gestational diabetes and placenta previa, both of which can result in premature births, and Monty was delivered by caesarian three weeks ahead of schedule.

Fortunately Monty Matthew Newton Walsh (it’s a mouthful, but we’ll get to that later on) was healthy, but it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing since.

Little Monty gave his parents (and grandparents) another scare recently when he had to be rushed to hospital and resuscitated.

He been sleeping for long periods and not feeding, after being treated for a severe UTI he made a quick recovery.

“It’s fun to have another one,” Bert told New Idea. “I think it’s very clever of Lauren to have two boys and two girls, with the boys as bookends. She’s a great mother.”

Lauren’s other children Sam, Eva and Lola are eight, six and three, respectively.

“The pregnancy was a beautiful surprise, but it was pretty busy having three other kids. We didn’t think it was going to happen a fourth time, so we’re thrilled to get a perfect, beautiful child like Monty,” she said.

As for that name, the middle one, Matthew, is in honour of to Monty’s dad, maternal great-granddad and uncle.

We can only assume his first is a tribute to the Simpson’s Mr Monty Burns- they are a TV family, after all.

Excellent to have you on board, little Monty.

Feature image: Bert, Patti, Lauren and Matt at the 2007 Logies. (via Getty/Simon Ferguson)