The whole world is whinging about the new iPhone. Here's why.

Last week, thousands of people flocked to Apple stores to invest in the latest genius item: the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is accompanied by its big sister, the iPhone 6+. Together, they are faster, larger and thinner than previous iPhones, with better cameras, better displays and – the best thing of all – a battery that lasts longer than five hours.

Unfortunately, it seems that Apple didn’t quite manage to iron out all the iPhone kinks before releasing it to the general public and making us fork out $869+ for it.

Here are the problems that iPhone 6 fans are currently experiencing… and not all of them are ones we might have predicted.

1. It bends.

Yesterday, a MacRumors forum reported that some iPhone users have bent their phones, simply by having the phones in their pockets.

And no – they are not supposed to bend. There are other phones, made by other companies… that have been designed to be flexible… the iPhone is definitely not one of them.

The entire issue first came to light after a user named Hanzoh posted in a forum, complaining that he’d had his new iPhone in the front pocket of his suit for 18 hours… and, well, look what happened to it:

Hanzoh’s bent iPhone. Hanzoh wrote: ” I drove 4 hours to a wedding, which also involved a lot of sitting during dinner etc but also 2-3 hours of dancing. I left at 2am and went to bed, driving home 4 hours back… I saw the reflection of the window in the iPhones slightly distorted. Now I lay it flat with the display side on the table, take a look.”

MacRumours user DevinPitcher had a similar story and picture to share:

DevinPitcher wrote: ” My friends did the same thing. Put it in his front pocket and it was like this when he took it out after getting in the car.”

The good news is that the phone still works, even if a little bent. The bad news is that IT’S JUST NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND.

Thankfully, Apple’s Head of Technology, Matt Warman, offered him a solution: “It’s not actually spontaneously starting to curve, this is a single piece of metal and glass that if you put enough pressure on it, yeah you can bend it but that doesn’t mean that it is Apple’s fault… I think that if you have a bent iPhone it is probably time to panic about how tight your trousers are.”

Well then.

@Bendgate on Twitter said it best:


If you’d like to see just how easily the iPhone can be bent, take a look at this video that one Youtube user uploaded…

2. It’s too big.

Two words: thumb strain.

It sounds ridiculous, but even writers in the Mamamia office have been experiencing the pain that comes with having an iPhone that’s just that little bit bigger.

Take the story of iVillage’s site producer, Valentina, as your warning:

I just have the iPhone 6, not even the Plus, and it doesn’t seem that much bigger – but it is! I sprained my thumb trying to reach that little bit further across the big screen, just because I wasn’t used to the size. And now I’m in pain! It’s like when you do a new workout and you use a muscle you’ve never used before, and you’re in pain the next day.

I now have to hold it carefully and use both thumbs!

Luckily for Valentina and anyone else experiencing thumb strain, the Japanese (who else?) have come up with a clever thumb-strain solution… a Thumb Extender!

It’s pretty much just a giant thumb that you can wear over your regular thumb.

You can buy this product here. Go nuts, you guys.

And it only costs about $15 Australian dollars! Check out the ad:

You know you want it.

Are you scrambling to buy it, or what?

3. IOS 8 is a bit shit.

The new system isn’t quite to everyone’s liking – in fact, quite a few people have been reporting multiple IOS 8 problems. Wifi issues, drained batteries and iMessage glitches have all rendered the new system more of a headache than a help.

To combat the problem, Apple released an update to fix IOS 8 glitches – the 8.0.1. However, to add to Apple’s problems, this update ended up causing more issues than ever before – the main problem being that iPhone 6 users could no longer call anyone.

Now, Apple has pulled the 8.0.1 update completely, and encourages those who installed it to revert back to the IOS 8. Which is still flawed, but at least you can still call people.

Which is, you know, the main idea behind having a phone in the first place.

4. They jump out of boxes.

Jack was first person to buy a new iPhone at the Apple store in Perth. So he opened the box to show it off… and promptly dropped the phone on live television.

Poor Jack. We blame the jumpy iPhone.

Do you have the iPhone 6? Have you noticed any problems, or are us iPhone 5 people just bitter?