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Benji Madden just got an enormous Cameron Diaz tattoo.

It looks like he doesn’t believe she actually married him, either.

Remember when Cameron Diaz walked down the aisle and surprised quite literally the entire world when she married one half of moderately talented pop twin duo The Madden Brothers? Of course you do.

For your reference, here are their faces.

Benji in the hat. Cameron in the lipstick. Images via Getty.

And it looks like her new husband, Benji Madden (pet-tiger-owner and ex of Sophie Monk) is trying to lock this thing with Cameron Diaz down in the only thing more permanent than marriage: Body art.

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Yep, Madden got his new wife’s name tattooed in LARGE CURSIVE SCRIPT across his chest.


He captioned it, “Thinking about you. #luckyman.” OF COURSE HE DID.

Look, it could be worse. He could have chosen to get it in Comic Sans.