The statistics we don't hear enough about.

Australia has the 4th-highest proportion of children aged 5-14 years living in jobless families. More than one in two Australian children with mental health issues who need professional help don’t receive it, and one in five children start school behind – poorly equipped to benefit from social and learning opportunities.

These are the real statistics we don’t often hear about, but there is hope – there’s a way to make a difference to struggling families. 

In this video, we talk to Leah – a mother-of-one. Leah and her son’s lives were turned around when they got help from The Benevolent Society’s Volunteer Home Visitors program.

Hear how things took a turn for the better just when Leah thought the future was looking bleak for her and her son, Caleb.

Do you know someone who’s life has been turned around, by a caring indivdual?


Having loving parents who play with you, read to you and provide stimulating early learning opportunities builds vital neural pathways that set you up well to be able to make friends, concentrate at school and cope well with everyday life.

But many children in Australia have parents who can’t provide this kind of supportive environment – usually because they themselves grew up without it. It’s hard to know how to be a good parent if you’ve never experienced it. 

Helping every parent to be the best mum and dad they can be will help the current generation of children get the best out of life. It will help them to do well at school, make friends, get and keep a job and stay out of serious trouble.

Join The Benevolent Society’s Acting Early campaign to help all Australian children develop their potential and contribute positively to our shared community.

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