Four unexpected benefits of taking a Vitamin D supplement.

As we get older and our health becomes more of a focus, there are certain areas we all know as women that we need to keep on top of. So we are diligent in booking in our regular pap smears, breast scans, skin checks and even heart health checks. But did you know that there is another health indicator that is just as important to keep track of as we age? It’s our vitamin D levels, as they can have surprising impact on our health.

We all know that having healthy levels of vitamin D is crucial for bone health, especially as we age and bones weaken in density, but there are many more unexpected benefits that vitamin D provides.

1. Healthy teeth.

Our teeth are made up from a similar tissue to our bones, and are therefore subject to the same issues bones face, namely weakness and brittleness, which can lead to all sorts of serious health problems.

Vitamin D plays an essential role in the healthy development of bones through the regulation of calcium and phosphorous.

Studies have linked low vitamin D to increased risk of dental cavities, or tooth decay, and as a preventative measure, vitamin D is thought to guard against tooth decay in infants and children.

benefits of vitamin d
"Vitamin D plays an essential role in the healthy development of bones through the regulation of calcium and phosphorous." Image via iStock.

2. Improved muscle strength.

Studies have also shown a link between vitamin D and muscle strength. Vitamin D is commonly recommended to women as a way of combating the loss of muscle mass that comes with ageing.

Taking a quality vitamin D supplement is a great strategy to improve muscle strength and increase muscle mass particularly in postmenopausal women.

3. A better immune system.

New research into vitamin D from the University of Copenhagen has shown that having healthy vitamin D levels can also help improve our body’s immune systems. This is because vitamin D helps to activate t-cells in the body, which play a vital role in attacking viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin D can not only combat the loss of muscle mass that comes with ageing but it's also great for boosting immune systems. Image via iStock.

4. Increased resistance to certain conditions.

The same study in Copenhagen demonstrated that adults with higher levels of vitamin D were better placed to fight certain conditions such as flus, than those with lower levels of vitamin D.

Most people know that the best way to up our vitamin D is to spend adequate time in the sun. But with our busy lives that see many of us cooped up indoors over long periods of time throughout the year, combined with the awareness of being sun smart, a lot of people are missing out on natural vitamin D absorption from the sun alone.

Food sources such as oily fish, eggs and other dairy foods supplemented with the nutrient are also a great way to get more vitamin D into your system, but may not provide us with the required amount of vitamin D.

For people who fall into a higher risk category of lower vitamin D levels, such as people with darker skin or less exposure to sunlight, Ostelin Vitamin D supplements, the number one Vitamin D brand in Australia, are a great way to elevate your levels.

To get an understanding of whether your vitamin D levels could be lower than you realise, a great place to start is to do the Ostelin D-Test online. It’s a simple, clear process that shines a light on your risk factors when it comes to low vitamin D levels.

Have you, or someone you know tried vitamin D? How did it improve your/their well being?

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