8 reasons why I’d give up my own kids before giving up my daily coffee habit.

My coffee is my sanctuary.

You have no idea how much I savour that moment before anyone else in the house is awake and it’s just me, my thoughts and my cup of coffee.

Because for a few minutes, I’m alone. Blissfully, blissfully alone, without having to separate bickering kids or locate missing school books or be told off for buying the wrong brand of cereal.

I say this with tongue firmly in cheek, but there are at least eight good reasons I’d consider giving up my own kids before I’d give up my coffee habit.


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1. It’s my precious, precious alone time.

Look, I need this me time. Those few minutes when it’s just me, the morning news and my cup of coffee helps me to function. Please don’t ever take this pleasure away from me.

2. It’s a social thing.

If you took away those 10 minutes each morning when my workmates and I get to gossip about what went down in our favourite TV show the night before while waiting for the jug to boil, we may as well not come to work at all. It’s our early morning ritual and I wouldn’t be able to give that up for anything.

3. It helps me face chilly winter evenings.

My husband I both play this game with one another where we wait each other out and see who wants a coffee the most before getting up and offering to make it. Usually I cave first but if anyone dared take away my winter warmth from me during these cold months, I’d be willing to trade a cute eight-year-old.

4. It helps me face freezing footy games.

I’ve stood on the sidelines watching my child play a ball game during a blisteringly cold winter too many times to count. I can tell you, the only thing I find pleasurable on those sidelines during this time is my flask of coffee (and the gentle conversation from the other long suffering mums). I am NOT turning up to that place without my coffee, let me tell you.


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5. It makes my Sunday a Sunday.

Sunday is the only day of the week for me where it feels like I get to actually relax. Saturdays are about kids’ sports and chores and paying bills. But my Sunday is a sacred time. A time for me to rise a little later, sit up in bed, the paper over my knee, the hot steaming cup of coffee in my hand and the door locked.

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6. It’s a family ritual.

I have always bonded with my in-laws over coffee and biscuits, often made by my mother-in-law (which reminds me, I really need to get her secret recipe). I enjoy this little ritual we’ve gotten into and I know one day, we won’t be able to indulge in it, so I am taking the time to appreciate it while I can. The kids or the home-made Kingstons? Sorry kids.

7. It keeps me company during all-nighters.

As a writer, I’m no stranger to deadlines. Serious ones. And the only way (for me) to make it through some of these times is to have one or two more coffees than usual. It’s more about the comfort than the pick me up and if I was denied this I’m not exactly sure I’d be able to push through the lonely night.

8. Coffee doesn’t bicker or forget to change the toilet roll.

Coffee never rolls its eyes at me. It never interrupts me when I’m trying to watch the ONE thing I want to watch on the news that night. It never forgets to hand in its homework, unlike some other members of my household. So let’s hope I’m never forced to choose…

Could you face life without coffee?


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