Benedict Cumberbatch's wife's wedding dress is flawless.

And very, very expensive…

Benedict Cumberbatch, 38, is the King Of Surprises. He announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter, 36, in a newspaper column, and then we sneezed and suddenly he was also breaking the news Hunter is up the duff.

And then there was that secret wedding that happened two months ago. Sneaky, Cumberbatch, very sneaky.

Very few details have been revealed so far (classic, Cumber), but we finally have a picture to prove that it did actually happen. And, of course, the bride looked pretty damn heavenly in her Valentino gown.

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The designer revealed Hunter’s dress via Instagram and it is all kinds of lovely.

It’s precisely the kind of traditional, elegant frock we expected from the Brit. Excuse us while we take 10 minutes to keep staring at this picture.

The pair met on the set of Burlesque Fairytale in 2009. Benedict very rarely opens up about his wife, but when he does, it’s clear there is a lot of love.

Black tie on point.

“She’s proud of my work, she’s proud of me, and she loves me. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons it’s a good fit. It could be a really difficult thing, but she’s just so in command of it.”

We assume she is in command of the fact his face inspires memes and every women wishes they were with him. Ahem.

But he only has eyes for one.

ahhhhhhh rest, my heart.

What do you think about Sophie’s gown?