Everyone's favourite British gent has married his remarkable fiancee.

He’s officially married. Sorry friends.

Benedict Cumberbatch has married his pregnant fiancee in a small ceremony on the Isle of Wight, surrounded by close family and friends.

The 2015 BAFTAs Red Carpet.
Sophie Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch. Image via Getty.

On the guest list were, you guessed it, the Best of British celebrities. Some of those famous people in attendance included Kiera Knightley and his Sherlock co-stars Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott.

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The ceremony took place at a small parish venue, before the party moved to a manor home for the reception.

It’s hard to get more Cumberbatch than that.

His partner is an extraordinary woman: Sophie Hunter, who is a bilingual actor, award-winning director and runs four theatre companies. All that, and she’s made time to be pregnant.

Here she is:

benedict cumberbatch engaged
Sophie Hunter, the woman who trampled our flimsy dreams. Image via Gary Gershoff/Getty Images.

Benedict, of Sherlock Holmes fame, told the world he was to-be-wed in the best, most old-fashioned way ever.

Benedict. Pre-engagement. Image via Twitter.

He put a notice in the paper.


 Some sneaky fans noticed the er, casual notice in The Times one weekend.
benedict cumberbatch engaged
Said announcement. See that? Bottom left hand corner? Engagement. Announcement. Image via The Times/Buzzfeed.

Fans were quick to realise Benedict’s parents’ names are Wanda and Timothy, he is indeed British and his girlfriend’s name is Sophie.

THEN, The Times themselves confirmed the news in an online article.

The actor’s engagement to Sophie Hunter, a theatre director, is announced in The Times today.

AND THEN, Benny’s (is that a thing? It is now…) best friend tweeted his happiness about the engagement.

So yes. That happened. Benedict Cumberbatch, aka the most British of gents, is married.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

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