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FLUFF: The best-worst celebrity wedding announcement ever.

It’s a dark day for everyone who has ever dreamed of having little Cumberbabies with Benedict Cumberbatch.

He’s officially getting married.

Benedict, of Sherlock Holmes fame, made the announcement in the best, most old-fashioned way ever.

Benedict. Pre-engagement. Image via Twitter. 

He put a notice in the paper.


Some sneaky fans noticed the er, notice in The Times on the weekend.

Said announcement. See that? Bottom left hand corner? Engagement. Announcement. Image via The Times/Buzzfeed.

Fans were quick to realise Benedict’s parents’ names are Wanda and Timothy, he is indeed British and his girlfriend’s name is Sophie.

And in some slightly consoling news, at least he’s marrying a completely impressive woman, Sophie Hunter, who is a bilingual actor, award-winning director and runs four theatre companies. So, through the cracks in our broken hearts, we thoroughly approve. Here she is:

Sophie Hunter, the woman who trampled our flimsy dreams. Image via Gary Gershoff/Getty Images. 

THEN, The Times themselves confirmed the news in an online article.

The actor’s engagement to Sophie Hunter, a theatre director, is announced in The Times today.

AND THEN, Benny’s (is that a thing? It is now) best friend tweeted his happiness about the engagement.

So yes. That happened. Benedict Cumberbatch, aka the most traditional celebrity ever, is engaged.

Who needs a stadium and a film crew when you have a good ol’ fashioned newspaper announcement?