Cult buy: The $9.95 eyebrow pencil that's perfect for beauty rookies.

For years I was afraid of eyebrow pencils.

Well, maybe ‘afraid’ is a strong word – but I was certainly intimidated by them.

Filling in eyebrows was something my mum did, resulting in heavy brows that looked great on her, yes, but not very natural. I didn’t wear a lot of makeup and so was getting by with as few products as possible and didn’t deem eyebrow-filling necessary to my routine.

Then around my early 20s, thick, perfectly-sculpted eyebrows became the in thing (I blame Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle). Sure enough, an eyebrow pencil became a staple tool in my makeup bag.

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Still, I struggled with the application. It seemed once out of every 10 times I’d have my eyebrows “on fleek”, so to speak, while the other nine times they were gappy or so thick I had to wipe off the brown and start again.

I was frustrated at myself for not being able to master the look; after all, almost everyone else seemed to be able to wear eyebrow makeup and not look like Oscar the Grouch.

Now I know I was wrong to blame myself. I too could have had finely sculpted, filled in and yet natural-looking eyebrows — all I needed was the right pencil.

Enter: Benecos $9.95 Eye Brow Designer (which is a fancy way of saying it’s a pencil on one end and a brush on the other) in Blonde.

Benecos Eye Brow Designer. (Image supplied.)

The all-natural formula features jojoba oil which creates a soft texture that glides on easily - but doesn't smudge.

The colour is ideal not only for blondes - as the name suggests - but for anyone whose brown hair might be described as "light" or skin colour "fair".

If you have darker hair or want a more bold look, the Benecos pencil also comes in Gentle Brown and Brown.

Using a lighter shade means I can apply with clumsy strokes and still have eyebrows that don't appear heavy or drawn on. There's also the lovely soft brush on the other end for combing hairs into place.

Perfectly filled eyebrows. (Image supplied.)

The results of this easy application are flawless brows, every time.

I'm not the only one gushing about the product; it's got a five-star rating on the natural product website I bought it from with reviews from people who, like me, can't believe it's only $10.

Price aside, when a makeup product can give me pro-like results, you know it is truly foolproof.

I bought my Benecos Eye Brow Designer from online retailer Nourished Life

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