We need to talk about Ben, the 10-year-old kid from Junior MasterChef who's saved 2020.

Sorry, but we need to discuss a certain someone who has made our weeks infinitely better: Ben from Junior MasterChef.

While we were excited for the cooking reality show to begin again as it meant new judges - Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo - would be back on our screens, we didn't yet realise just how utterly great the young contestants might be. 

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Video via Channel 10

Now, three episodes into the show, a 10-year-old has stolen our heart: Ben.

Budding chef Ben is from Bendigo, Victoria. He's the eldest of four children and has three younger sisters: Zara, 9, Gracie, 7, and Maeve, 4. And he started cooking when he was just three years old.

Ben's family. Image: Channel 10. 


During the first few episodes, Ben has already shown us how he can cook far beyond his age. Especially, with his first dessert in episode one: an Australian take on the American dessert S'mores.

IT LOOKED AMAZING. (On the bottom left in the photo below.)

He also avoided elimination by cooking his signature dish, Ben's Bao Buns - a recipe he's been mastering for the past year, after first tasting them in Albury. 


Besides his love for cooking, Ben has various hobbies. 

They include making models, playing his cornet, hanging out with his dog and pet bird, and his favourite activity, attending Cub Scouts. (Something you would've heard him discuss countless times with a huge grin on the show.)

Image: Channel 10. 

Image: Channel 10. 


Ben's Cub Scout patches. Image: Channel 10. 

And we're not the only ones to realise that Ben is the best part of the show, the rest of Australia certainly agrees. 

Here are all the best tweets about the fan favourite 10-year-old.


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Feature image: Channel 10.