8 things Ben Affleck probably whispered to J.Lo at The Oscars.

Bennifer. Oh, how we miss thee.

The joyful combination of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was a highlight of the 2000′s. Right up there with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

After they broke off their engagement circa 2003, our Bennifer-junkie hits were left unsatisfied for a long time (ignoring the fact that Ben Affleck is now happily in another Bennifer with lovely Jennifer Garner. Not the same, obvs).


Bennifer in the glory days of 2003.

Bennifer had a moment at the Oscars this week. Unfortunately, there is no video evidence. But everyone is talking about it, so it must be true. Apparently, Ben walked over and whispered something in Jen’s ear, and she playfully slapped his arm.

So much sexual tension. (Just kidding. He’s all yours, Garner.)

Because we spent so much time adoring them a decade ago, wee are pretty confident we know the ex-couple inside out.

So we have narrowed it down to:

Eight Probable Things That Ben Affleck Whispered To J.Lo At The Oscars.
(image via Twitter is obviously OLD, and not the actual moment.)

1. He may have wanted to remind her of the successes he has had since their split.

2. Or enjoyed a saucy song lyric of Jen’s.

3. It’s possible that he had a moment of amnesia.

4. Or wanted to discuss the really, really crap movie they made together.

5. It may have been a standard moment of life admin, which all ex-couples need to go through sometimes.

6. Or more song lyrics.

7. Maybe Ben had seen a recent photograph of J.Lo’s kids, and J.Lo thought he was talking about her low-cut dress.

Classic mix-up.

8. Or maybe a parallel had finally been drawn for ol’d Benny boy.

Whatever it was, we are glad they are on whisper/cheeky-slapping terms, and living happily ever after with other people.

We will never forget you, Bennifer.

Watch Ben Affleck sell Bennifer t-shirts on Saturday Night Live. No, really.