Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner crashed a little boy's birthday party.

Batman just crashed a Superman party.

And by Batman, we mean Ben Affleck.

And by Ben Affleck, we mean Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner.

The extremely famous couple were scouting venues for their 2-year-old son Samuel’s party… When they discovered a little boy’s birthday party already underway.

Because Ben & Jen are celebrities of the delightful variety, they stayed for a little while. Ben spoke to the teeny-tiny superhero about, well, Official Superhero Business.

Considering Ben is set to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, he no doubt impressed the kid with his Batman-related knowledge. Staff at the Detroit Kids’ Centre were pretty impressed, too — more about the idea that famous people might hire their venue than Batman trivia.

So this is our plan.

Every time someone we know has a birthday party, we’re going to force them to make it Batman themed.

One day, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will come.

Build the Batman party, and they will come.

Here are some more famous celebrity couples we wouldn’t mind crashing our parties:


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