Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck just had "the best dad moment in history."

Ben Affleck is, of course, the new Batman. And it seems that despite the horrible tattoo he now sports, he is still the best dad ever.

He’s taken on his role as the dark knight beyond studio hours, dressing up as the character for his son Samuel’s fourth birthday party.

Ex-wife Jennifer Garner said in an interview that “we all dressed up, I dressed up as a ninja, and Ben dressed up as Batman for Sam, which was the best dad moment in history.”

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben revealed the extent of the superhero gathering that was the party.

“There was Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, and there was me…”

Ben playing Bruce Wayne (aka Batman). Image via Facebook @benaffleck.

But it seems that he was a little nervous about dressing up as the hero. Maybe it was the pressure of being the REAL Batman.

“I had to…put on my outfit for this movie, and put on my scary face for the 4-year -olds and all their folks…It’s 11 in the morning and they’re kind of like ‘Wow. Batman.'”

This was also the interview where Affleck smuggled BBFL Matt Damon in…like this:

Definitely best dad ever.

You can check out the interview here:

Video via ABC