Watch Ben Affleck break down when confronted with bad Batman reviews in an interview.

Ben Affleck, aka Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, has really immersed himself into the role. He even dressed as the character for his son’s birthday party!

But while playing the role of the mysteriously dark and brooding multi-billionaire vigilante, it seems the actor has taken bad reviews of his new movie very, VERY personally.

One very brave interviewer asked Ben Affleck and his co-star Henry Cavill, aka Superman, about the global negative reviews.

And while Superman tried to give a very diplomatic response, Batman couldn’t hide his sheer sadness. He sat there, silent and stony-faced.

LOOK AT HIM! Screenshot via Sabconth.

We feel for you Ben. But what can we say…It’s just not the best thing you’ve been in.

Watch the interview here: