Did Belle Gibson's 'tell-all interview' contain yet another lie?

It has been 24 hours since disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson confessed that her cancer claim was a lie – but more cracks in her story have started to show.

In the interview we’ve all been desperate to read, The Whole Pantry blogger, Belle Gibson, finally admitted the terminal brain cancer she allegedly cured with a healthy diet never actually existed.

“None of it’s true,” she told The Australian Women’s Weekly in the issue published today.

“I am still jumping between what I think I know and what is reality. I have lived it and I’m not really there yet.”

Belle Gibson publisher
The article in this month’s Australian Women’s Weekly. (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly.)

Yet while she purports to have come clean in the seven-page article, written off the back of two interviews with the blogger, it appears that she may have told The Weekly yet another lie.

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The interview briefly mentions that Ms Gibson was “due to meet Penguin Australia” — the publisher who initially published her cookbook The Whole Pantry, but later pulled it from shelves.

But according to the publisher, there was no meeting arranged with Gibson, despite their repeated efforts to get in contact with her.

“We are disappointed that, despite several requests for clarification regarding recent ­allegations made against her, Belle is yet to res­pond to us ­directly,” a Penguin spokesman told The Australian. “We have read with interest her recent interview and are considering our rights and options as set out in our agreement with her.”

Belle Gibson publisher
Published by Penguin Australia: Belle Gibson’s cookbook, The Whole Pantry. (Image: Supplied.)

Clair Weaver who interviewed Ms Gibson for The Weekly has said Gibson was a difficult interview subject.

“When pressed by The Weekly, she’s often unable to provide details such as names, locations and dates. Nor explain why her behaviour, even by her own telling, often seems irrational and illogical,” she wrote.

Belle Gibson publisher
Belle Gibson with her son. (Image: supplied.)

Ms Gibson’s empire began to unravel earlier this year, after it was revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars promised to charity had never been paid. It was after this questions started circulating regarding the truth in Ms Gibson’s claims to have brain cancer, and later blood, spleen, uterus and liver cancer.

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Ms Gibson told The Weekly the backlash had been harsh, but she did not ask for forgiveness.

“I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.’”

The new issue of The Australian Women’s weekly contains the full interview, and has hit the shelves today.

What do you think about Belle Gibson’s claims?