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Raising her sister and a letter from jail: Everything we know about The Voice Australia's Bella Taylor Smith.

The Voice finalist Bella Taylor Smith hadn't ever considered singing as a career, but now she's the favourite to take out the show's 2021 season.

Bella has been a frontrunner since her blind audition, where she had all four judges turning in their seats long before the end of her audition song, Beyonce's 'Ave Maria'.

She eventually chose Guy Sebastian as her coach after they connected over singing in church.

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"It was nice having that connection with him, it made me feel safe, comfortable, and really excited for what is ahead," Bella told Sunrise.

In her pre-audition interview, Bella discussed her background in the church. She's a member of Hillsong Church and is featured in a number of the church's YouTube videos. 

"I never really knew why I could sing or what I was going to do with it until I started going to church," she said.

In an interview with Hope 103.2, Bella said she became involved after being invited to a youth group by a high school friend.

"So I didn't grow up in church at all, my family aren't Christians. I went to youth for a year before I got saved.

"It was life-changing for me. I didn't have the most stable upbringing, and it was really challenging. For me to find a community, and find God, and find the church was really game changing for my life and for my future."

She was considering a career in midwifery until an ad for The Voice piqued her interest and she decided to apply.

"The application popped up on my computer, and I thought I would give it a go," she told TV Week.

"It has been a challenging few years for everyone, and to have something fun and uplifting to look forward to was a big inspiration for me... For a long time, I wanted to be a midwife. Only in the last year or two have I mustered the courage to pursue a career in the music industry."


Through the show, Bella is putting herself first for a change.

When she was a teen, her father began using ice. He was arrested in September 2020 and was in jail at the time she auditioned for the show.

"He was just the best dad," she explained during the show's knockout round. "But I was about 15/16, [and] there were lots of addiction issues that were happening and I found out that he'd started using ice. That was really hard."

She is still very close to her dad, who she proudly says is now "clean" for the first time in years.

"Everyone has their challenges and I feel like that contributes greatly to the way we express ourselves and the way we interact with others," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"For like 10 years now, things have been extra challenging."


Bella explained on the show that during this time, her younger sisters split their time between their mum and living with her. 

She has been the primary caregiver for her 16-year-old sister Gabi for a while, a lot of responsibility for the 23-year-old.

"Things have always been a bit rocky so there has always been a little bit extra responsibility that I have had I guess," she told the Telegraph.

"So it doesn't feel particularly foreign or like it has been thrown on me. I love her a lot, she is my sister and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is so patient and such a good person so it could be a lot more challenging I am sure, she brings an ease to the whole situation, which I am really grateful for as well."

She told TV Week Gabi was her biggest inspiration.

"She is incredibly strong, brave and clever and is a great motivator for me personally to be the best version of myself and to be the best example to her," Bella said.

During The Voice's semi-final round, she told Sebastian that she was also working on her dad's bail application at the same time as she was participating in the show.

She became emotional as she read a letter her father had written her from prison.

"Dear Bella, sorry it's taken so long to write to you," she read aloud.

"I know it's been so long since we had a normal relationship, but I believe you and I have a special connection. I believe we will always be able to pick up where we left off.

"Every time we catch up I can see how well you have a handle on life. I'm so proud of you for going on The Voice and what a great result with the chair turns... I'm prouder than you can ever imagine."

She and Sebastian had selected R.E.M.'s emotional hit 'Everybody Hurts' as her performance song.

"It's really scary for me to be vulnerable and it feels really exposing to be singing words like this, but I feel like it would be good for me to show that on stage," she explained.


The decision paid off, with Sebastian choosing Bella to represent his team in the show's grand finale over Jordan Fuller, because he believed she is "connected to and trusts their gift just that bit more".

Voting for The Voice Australia's 2021 grand final is now open. The public votes will decide who wins the $100,000 cash prize and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.     

The Voice Australia Grand Final airs Sunday, September 12 at 7pm on Channel Seven.

Feature image: Channel 7.

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