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"He's dead to me." David Bristow was 350 metres away when his father raped a backpacker.

Shackled, naked and terrified.

Belgian backpacker, Davine, had no idea help was a mere 350 metres away, when she was kidnapped and held hostage in a filthy pig shed in South Australia.

Her attacker’s wife, son, and his girlfriend were in a home on the property that was shielded by trees when Davine first arrived after being picked up by Gene Bristow in Adelaide with the promise of work on his hobby farm.

Bristow’s farm was just outside Meningie, an hour and a half from Adelaide.

But the 54-year-old had driven her the long way there, confusing her and making her feel completely isolated in the Australian bush.

A snippet of the 60 Minutes interview with Davine, and her attacker’s son David Bristow. Post continues after video.

Video by Nine

When the man she thought was her new employer suddenly attacked, shackled and repeatedly raped her, she believed him when he told her she was now the property of a criminal gang that trafficked young women.

“I thought it would take a while for someone to notice I was gone. I thought I wasn’t getting out of here. I thought – this is where I’m going to die,” she told a 60 Minutes interview.

But Bristow underestimated his victim, when he left her alone in the filthy shed, Davine managed to find some little metal hooks which she used to unshackle herself.

Gene Bristow
Gene Bristow. Image: 60 Minutes.

He'd unknowingly left her laptop and internet dongle in a bag in the shed, and she used it to message everyone that was online on her Facebook.

“I described the roads I crossed. I went from Murray Bridge, across two ferries. I was taken in a red pick-up car, that I'm very scared to run off, that he has a gun.”

Her friend and fellow backpacker Echo Wang saw her cries for help and alerted police, sparking a major manhunt.

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Davine re-shackled herself and waited for her attacker to return.

He became rattled by the heightened police activity in the area and forced Davine to redress. He dropped her in town at a local motel and an off-duty police officer recognised her.

She was safe.

The next morning, Gene Bristow's home was raided and he was arrested, much to the shock of his family.

"Mum told me he'd been arrested for kidnapping and rape... it was not easy," David Bristow told 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown. "Not your average Saturday."

As soon as he realised what his father had done, David says he stopped loving him immediately.

David and Shayne
David Bristow and his girlfriend Shayne Gaskell. Image: 60 Minutes.

He'd previously considered himself close to his dad, "We did most things together. He was someone I'd always looked up to."

But on realising his dad's depravity, that love dissipated.

"This could have happened once, twice, 10 times, no one knows," he said. "When someone like that in your life has been so normal and this happens it blows your mind, it makes you wonder has it happened before?"


Bristow had tried to discard of the evidence, but Davine's phone, her shackles and a fake gun were all found nearby.

DNA evidence was also found in the pig shed.

For David, it was the chains that really shocked him. They'd been manipulated into shackles - it made him realise just how evil his dad's plan was.

“It's not something that you'd make in five minutes. It's something that has been planned.

"To me as a farmer, I've never seen a use for something like that," he admitted.

It's been two years since Davine was kidnapped and Bristow hasn't shown a shred of remorse, instead sending his son multiple letters from prison claiming that the police have "a pack of lies".

It has been two years since Davine, then 24, was attacked. Image: 60 Minutes.

"He's just pointed the finger to everyone else besides himself, he 100 per cent thinks he's innocent," said David.

David says he'll never forgive his father, but he might have more respect for him if he at least admits to his crimes.

He gave evidence against his father in court and helped the prosecution secure the sentence they did. Last month, Bristow was sentenced to 18 years in jail for aggravated kidnapping, rape and indecent assault.

“He’s dead to me,” David told Brown.

“I'm glad that I'll never have to look at him again."

"Rot in hell. I hope you get what you deserve," he said.

Davine returned to Australia for the court case, and is grateful for David's testimony.

“I kind of feel very sad that he had to go through something for something that his father did,” Davine told Brown.

“I was like, 'Wow' You know? It was support knowing that even his own son was against these things.”