Open Post: What's going on in your world?

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It’s Wednesday, it’s open post. What’s going on in your week?

My niece and nephew are on my mind this week. Specifically, how much I miss them when I’m not home.

Hi, friends. Welcome to Open Post. It’s Wednesday, you’re at the halfway mark of your week and you’re just trying to get through until 5pm on Friday. We all know the feeling.

If you’re new around here, Open Post is the place where we come to talk about how our weeks are going. Nothing is off limits, so use the comments to vent or debrief or complain about whatever you’d like.

On my mind this week is being an aunty. I live in a different state to my family, which includes my niece and nephew, so when I’m home I cherish every second I get to spend with them.

Caitlin with Aubrey and Cooper.

There’s Cooper, who’s eight. When I’m home for the weekend, I tag along on whatever fun activity my brother has planned for Coop. Those few hours spent with him are so important to me. From making blanket forts to bouncing on trampolines into foam pits, to making sand castles with him at the beach… it’s not only incredibly fun for him (and for me) but it’s also stimulating his creative side. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be an expert sand castle creator and he’ll have no one but me to thank.

As for my niece, she’s a teeny tiny baby. Our time together is made up of her staring at me with her beautiful wide eyes, while I look back and get so clucky, even though I’m not interested in kids any time soon. When she’s older, I’ll read to her and sing (badly) with her and make sure she’s always stimulated.

being an aunt
Caitlin and Aubrey. Image: Supplied.

There’s nothing better than being an aunt. And every day that I’m away from them, I remember our memories. That gets me through until I’m home again.

What do you do to help boost your child’s creative thinking?

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