32 things only obsessive perfectionists will understand.

Are you the obsessive perfectionist in your circle of friends? High five, right there with you sister. As you’d already know, it can be a tough gig.

These are the tell tale signs you've caught the bug:

1. Page dividers were your best friends during high school.

2. Uneven numbers freak you out, like those on the petrol pump.

3. Days have been lost dividing your iTunes songs into playlists.

4. You'd rather be late to work than leave home with a messy bedroom.

5. Seeing remotes that aren't perfectly lined up makes you twitch.

6. Your email sign off has never changed, you're just not ready for that kind of commitment.

7. Your wardrobe is arranged according to season and colour.

8. You're confused by the hairstyle 'messy bun'.

9. Once you start something, you will not rest, sleep, or pee until it is finished.

10. M&Ms, Skittles and all other lollies must be divided into groups according to shape and colour before consumption.

11. Throwing things away and de-cluttering is like a cleansing ritual. *breathes sigh of relief*

12. You laugh in the face of your nail technician when they ask you to pick your colour. Hello? You have your next weeks worth of polishes already picked out in your head.

13. Achieving an even number when you check your word count can be likened to an orgasm.

14. You don't understand text lingo. All words in your sms' are spelt out in full and loss of punctuation makes you die a little on the inside.

15. One single mark on your clothes means a complete outfit change.

16. If your bed is not made in the morning an apocalypse is sure to follow.


17. Your bookshelf is arranged in alphabetical order, or worse, in a perfect rainbow.

18. When doing your eyeliner both eyes must be absolutely identical or you will start over.

19. Sometimes you think you'll order a mocha instead of a latte then think, "who the hell am I kidding?"

20. Your email inbox is empty at all times. AT. ALL. TIMES.

21. You keep every single receipt ever. Who knows when you might need to pull out a faded docket.

22. There's no sensation like putting a line through a task on your to-do list.

23. Every one of your items has a designated place and if they are moved, there's hell to pay.

24. You would happily protest for the word spontaneous to be omitted from the dictionary.

25. You have a plan for how you're going to achieve your plan.

26. You're possibly the only person in the world who still buys actual physical calendars.

27. Going to Officeworks and strolling the aisles for labelling products is your dirty little secret.

28. The shuffle function on iTunes is dead to you.

29. No one makes it past the first date if they mix their cereals.

30. 'No shop assistant, I don't need help. I knew what I wanted to buy today two months ago.'

31. The only thing that makes you happier than organising your own things is doing it for other people.

32. Trying to sabotage any of these systems is a friendship deal breaker.

Are you an obsessive perfectionist? What are some of your traits?