The swinter dress is here to solve all your in between weather style problems.

It’s taking me twice as long to get dressed in the mornings – and it’s all because of the weather.

I’m too hot in my go-to combination of turtleneck, skirt and tights but it’s not quite warm enough to ditch the stockings altogether or break out the summer wardrobe.

Plus that means, you know, actually having to unleash my pasty, ungroomed legs on the world and I’m just not ready for that yet.

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The in between, up-and-down climate that comes at this time of year poses a whole host of style problems, but there could be one item in particular to solve them all.

Behold what The Times fashion writer Rachael Dove has dubbed the ‘Swinter dress’.

It’s light, long (ideally to mid-calf) and has that great floaty character that swishes as you walk and effectively hides unshaven pins. (See our picks to purchase now. Post continues after gallery.)

With long sleeves and usually a high neckline, it covers enough to minimise feeling cold but its fun prints stop it from looking too dowdy or drab for the warmer weather.


It’s incredibly versatile too – just look to the Duchess of Cambridge who wore plenty during her tour to India, including to play cricket.

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Weddings, work, social engagements - it covers all bases.

Thanks to the print, there's also minimal need for accessories if it's not your flavour, making it a put-on-and-go outfit. Tran-seasonal dressing? Nailed.

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