What's really happening underneath the desks of your favourite TV news shows.

There’s something that baffles me every single morning.

When I switch on the news at about 6:30am, looking like this:


Someone like Erin Molan, presenter on the Today Show and NRL Footy Show, can look like this, at the same time:

Before I hear, BUT SHE GETS UP AT 3:00AM TO LOOK LIKE THAT. I know. But, there is still something a lil’ bit magical at how she does it.

Which, gives me great pleasure to tell you, the magic is tracksuit pants.

Re-read that sentence, if you so need.

Underneath the stunning waist up attire of Molan, she has chucked on the comfiest pants in the world.

Posting on Instagram, the 35-year-old showed off her circa 1999 trackies.


Molan isn’t the first TV presenter to show what’s going on underneath the desks, much to my relief.

Carrie Bickmore, co-host of The Project, one time forgot to take her sparkly gold slippers off before arriving to work, as well as falling asleep on the news desk after a particularly big night.

Scroll through to see some our favourite TV presenters, and what they hide behind the desk. 


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