The true story behind how they cast The Bachelor (and the Bachelorettes).

“They need to be ambitious, they need to be accomplished and yes, they do need to be good looking.”

Twenty women, locked in a mansion vying for the attention of one half-decent-looking man. It’s a concept that has spawned 19 seasons in America, and three and counting in Australia (as well as three disturbingly successful spin off series).

The Bachelor – at its core – tries to be a show about finding love. And that’s what the producers and creators drill into viewers’ brains time and time again.

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Ten’s Head of Entertainment, Stephen Tate, says he believes wholeheartedly in the ‘journey’ of ‘love’. He spoke to Media Week and answered a few big questions: How they choose the Bachelor, how they choose the contestants, and whether anyone is there for fame, rather than…cough… ~true love~.

behind the scenes of the bachelor
Tim and Anna, the first successful couple from The Bachelor Australia. Image via Channel 10.

How do they choose The Bachelor?

Basically, Tate says the guy they pick needs to possess a very particular set of skills and personality traits. He’s gotta tick quite a few boxes (so he can be appealing to as many boxes as possible *WINK*).

“First and foremost, they need to likeable,” Tate said.

“They need to be ambitious, they need to be accomplished and yes, they do need to be good looking. [But] the most important thing is that they need to be at the right stage of their life to be making a lifelong commitment, and that’s a fairly narrow window.” (Is it really?)

behind the scenes of the bachelor
This year’s Bachelor – Sam Wood. Image via Channel 10.

How do they choose the contestants?

Once they’ve got their guy, it’s time to choose the women who will compete for the Bachelor’s lurve.

Tate says the chosen Bachelor is asked what his type is (notice how many brunettes are on this season? That’s not a coincidence) and the network base their choices on the Bachelor’s preferences.

“Essentially, he holds up the types of people that he is really attracted to, the types of people that he’s had relationships with in the past that have and haven’t worked, and we try to make sure that we have as many viable contestants as possible,” Tate said.

behind the scenes of the bachelor
This year’s contestants. Image via Channel 10.

Is everyone really in it for the right reasons?

Tate vehemently denies the suggestion that contestants were in it for fame.

“They have gained notoriety,” Tate said.

“But the casting team works really hard to make sure that the people we choose are there for the right reasons. If we didn’t do that, the audience would understand pretty quickly that people were maybe there for the publicity that it brings.

“If we didn’t do that, we might not have ended up with the fantastic two relationships that we had from series one and two.”

Click through the gallery below for photos of the current contestants. Post continues after video.

Something Tate didn’t speak about was what it was really like to be on The Bachelor, aside from saying that it’s all authentic and real. But contestants, former and current, tell a different story.

Emily Simms, a 31-year-old contestant currently appearing on The Bachelor Australia, says she has been carefully edited to look like a “villain” – when, in fact, she’s actually sweet and lovely.

“I could never be cruel to another person,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I am nothing like a bitch. Reality shows decide the “characters” for each of us before they even start filming. This is well known about reality TV. So for my funny, joking, laughing at myself, silly side, to not be shown at all, is really very upsetting to me.

“Soooo many hours of footage, and all they choose to show of me is that I found Heather annoying.”

behind the scenes of the bachelor
Emily Simms, not a bitch. Image via Channel 10.

And she’s not the only one speaking out about it. 2014 contestant Kara Bramham spoke to OK! Magazine about how drunk the Bachelorettes got during filming.

“I was always of the impression that people’s personalities and confidence come out when alcohol is involved, so this was a major aspect of cocktail parties,” Kara said.

“We were even given espresso martinis and shots.”

behind the scenes of the bachelor
Kara Bramham, drank a lot on the show. Image via Channel 10.

A contestant on the American Bachelor said producers very much manipulated situations by encouraging the women to confront each other, because it makes for good TV obviously.

Questions have always been raised about the authenticity of the show, but even more so this year with the rising popularity of UnREAL, a drama written by a former producer on the American Bachelor. On the show, producers create a storyline and manipulate the contestants based on their character arcs.

You can watch a scene from UnREAL below. Post continues after video.

Video via UnReal

We’re more inclined to believe the contestants when they speak out about the show, but hey. If you believe in ~true love~ and all that coming from a reality show, we’re not going to crush that dream for you either.

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