"She showed up in rollers." All the behind-the-scenes details of Kate Middleton's Vogue shoot.

It’s been a wild month for the Royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a week-long trip to India and Bhutan, The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday with a series of too-cute shots with her beloved corgis, heir to the throne, Prince George met Barack Obama in a robe and younger sister Princess Charlotte celebrated her first birthday.

Oh, and Kate Middleton landed her first British Vogue cover.

The cover, and two images were released in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery to celebrate Vogue’s centenary issue, and according to Editor Alexandra Shulman, the Duchess arrived in hair rollers.

“Kate joked about ‘how she must have appeared to anyone who saw her driving in the car in her rollers’,” The Daily Mail reported.

Middleton’s shoot is a stark contrast to many celebrities before her. Instead of playing dress ups in elaborate gowns, the 34-year-old chose to wear her hair in her signature blow-out, with minimal makeup, in every day (albeit high-end) clothes in a location she feels her most comfortable.


“She didn’t want to be dressed as a fashion plate and was not keen to be shot in gala gowns and tiaras,” Shulman told The Telegraph

Shulman says the wardrobe was inspired by the mother-of-two’s day-to-day wear, “[It’s what] she likes to wear when she is off-duty- jeans, shirts, t-shirts. The same as the rest of us.”

Yes, because Burberry shirts and $600 overalls are what we wear day-to-day. Cough.


“The make-up artist Sally Branka’s work was slightly different to what the Duchess usually does herself,” Schulam said.

This is clear when we see pictures of the Duchess sans her usual black eyeliner. The result is a more fresh-faced, relaxed look.

And, in proof she is definitely not like the rest of us, Schulman says Middleton did not bring out a phone for the entirety of the shoot.

“While everyone else constantly checked their phones she never brought hers out, not once.”

You can watch Prince George looking super adorable in the video below. Post continues after video. 

This is the Duchess’s first (of hopefully many) editorial shoot for a fashion magazine, and with a status as a fashion icon, it’s refreshing to see her in her element.

Also, note to self: the Duchess is a lover of flannel, so now everyone must wear flannel.

Legit, though.
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