The easiest, simplest guide to applying false eyelashes.

While professionals make applying those spidery fake eyelashes look simple, the truth is they’re fiddly little things.

In the quest for super fluttery eyelashes, all too often it takes 15 minutes of wrangling only to to end up with a wonky lash affixed to your eyebrow.

No longer. Beauty whiz and The Glow’s Beauty Vlogger Idol Meneka Ratnasothy has created the tutorial that will make you a pro at applying false lashes, even if you’re a total beginner.

No more of this... Thank GOD.

Meneka's top tips.

1. Don't apply them straight away. After applying glue onto the lash band, wait for around 30 seconds for it to get tacky. This will help it stick to your lash line much more easily.

2. Aim for the middle of the lash. Line up the middle, then hold down the front inner corner then the outer corner.

3. Don't open your eyes widely. Wait until the glue has properly dried or you'll undo all your handiwork.

4. If the lashes are too long, cut them into two pieces. Apply the larger piece to the outer corner first, then fill in with a smaller piece in the inner corner of your eye.

5. Apply mascara. This will help to blend the false and your real lashes together. Don't forget your bottom lashes either.

Image: Instagram/@bymeneka,

What's your top tip for applying falsies?