"Dear bed makers, you finally win."

It’s the most dividing topic, but…we just won.

I admit. I’m a bed maker.

No matter how late I am running to work, I can’t leave the house without making the bed.

When I wash my bedding, I have to put it on the bed, made. Even if it is 10 minutes before I am going to sleep. Everything has to be tucked in and pillows arranged before I pull it all apart and climb in.

If you don’t make the bed my way, I just can’t even deal.

I even made my husband promise in our wedding vows he would make the bed every morning (he tries, but not every morning).

Some would say I have a problem (my husband included). Some roll their eyes and call me O.C.D. (like some of my colleagues).

But today, my friends, is the day I, the bed maker, wins.

My version of a nightmare. Image via iStock.

Even though I am in the minority (only 27% make their beds according to a survey by of 68,000 people), turns out I will be more successful in life because I make my bed.

I win non-bed makers.

Elite Daily has listed why I will be more successful in life because I tuck in all the corners.

It takes two minutes. It teaches me (and other bed makers) that tasks are manageable and doable. Regardless of how much a pain in the bum they seem. Successful people get sh*t done, especially sh*t they don't really want to do but is necessary.

By doing it, you've already achieved something for the day. A beautifully made bed. Successful people achieve things.

It's less clutter. It's neater. It's organised. Successful people are organised.

What success looks like. Image via iStock.

Gretchen Rubin told Elite Daily that your bed is a symbol of you. If your bed feels orderly, you will feel the same. I agree.

And the proof is in the survey by Of those who made their bed, 72 per cent say they are happy, while 62 per cent of non-bed-makers said they were unhappy.

Psychology Today says that bed makers enjoy their jobs, work out regularly and get better sleep (who wouldn't on a nicely made bed).

So by now, as a non-bed maker, you are stressing. Don't worry. Elite Daily says that all you have to do is make your bed for 66 days in order for it to become a routine. Too easy.

Watch and learn from Martha Stewart on how to fold a fitted sheet like a pro.

Are you a bed maker?

And while we are talking beds and sleeping, SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to discover which sleeping position you and your partner are and after the gallery you can see what the meanings of each position is.

1. Liberty (Back-to-back without touching).

Corrine says that couples who sleep in this position are, “Connected and secure in themselves, this position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship.”

2. Cherish (Back-to-back touching).

This position is said to be a sign of new romance.

Corrine explains that it means, “both partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another – this is often common in new relationships.”

3. Spooning (Front-to-back touching).

Corrine believes it is a “traditional position” and shows a dynamic, “where one partner takes a protective stance over the other.”

4. Lovers’ Knot (Face-to-face).

This position is where couples lie face-to-face, with their legs and arms wrapped in each other before separating after ten minutes. This position is meant to be a sign of relationship strength.

Corrine said it's “a compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds.”

5. Superhero (Starfish position).

If you or your partner sleep in this position, it can mean trouble. This position means they are selfish, forcing their partner to hang off the bed.

Corrine says, “one partner dominates the space, while the other takes a secondary role.”

6. Pillow Talk (Face-to-face without touching).

Corrine believes this position could mean that your relationship is emotionally demanding.

“This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication,” she said.

7. The Romantic (Resting head on chest).

This position is also said to be seen early on in relationships.

Corrine explains it, “represents vibrant, passionate or rekindled love.”

8. The Lovers (Face-to-face with legs intertwined all night).

For people who sleep in this position, Corrine said it is, “romantic and very intimate, this position also shows a lack of independence from each other.”

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