"If this were a picture of my daughter, what would I tell her?"

Just when we thought we couldn’t love body-positivity Instagrammer @becomingbodypositive any more, she goes and posts a message that cuts straight to our core.

Sharing a selfie with her 15,000 Instagram followers over the weekend, the 25-year-old’s caption began, “If this were a picture of my daughter, what would I tell her? Would I tell her she could never be loved with a stomach like this? Would I look at her body in disgust? Would I tell her she was less valuable, less worthy, less beautiful because her body doesn’t fit the norm?”

“Would I train her to believe fatness equates to failure and thinness is conditional for success? Would I teach her to hate herself, force her to starve herself, make her track every step and count every calorie until loose skin surrendered to bone?” her post continued.

“Would I slap her hand away from every breadbasket, humiliate her in the dressing room for needing the next size up, scold her at the dinner table for accepting seconds and then make her vomit up the evidence over and over again until nothing but a searing burn in her throat was left? I could never treat someone I loved this way, so why did I ever think this was an acceptable way to treat myself?” she wrote finally.

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Having struggled with an eating disorder herself, the Instagrammer, known only as Clare, began the account two months ago and has been sharing images of her body and empowering messages ever since.

Her weekend image has received almost 30,000 likes and 1,000 comments since first being posted.

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“Best caption I’ve read this year,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I absolutely LOVE this!!! Having two little daughters who are in the dance world, this post is everything right now! I pray my daughters grow up loving themselves and their bodies. Positivity is everything!!” another commented.

“Preach it,” another agreed.

All we can say right now is our love levels are at 100.

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