"Becoming a mum has gotten rid of my high maintenance ways."

I’m the first to admit that I used to be a bit of a diva. It used to take me a good hour or more to get ready in the mornings (make that 2 if I was going out at night). In my pre-mum life, you name it and it had to be perfect – from my hair, to my career, to my body, to my food. I liked perfection, in myself, and strived for it. I was highly strung and without a doubt high maintenance.

Oh how things have changed since I’ve become a mum! These days, I’m what you could consider ‘low maintenance’. Well, in all honesty, my husband probably wouldn’t quite agree that I’ve changed COMPLETELY – but I do know that, as my priorities have changed, so have my high maintenance ways.

Here’s how:

Mum life. Image supplied.

1. I'm happier with less.

Once I was all about “I need this latest, greatest piece of clothing/technology/car” etc. Shopping made me very happy. Now, I am less materialistic. Yes, I still love to shop but if I do want things nine times out of ten it’s something for my kids not myself. I have the most fun just hanging at home or at the beach with my husband and kids. No purchasing or expense required.

2. I can get ready in a third of the time.

My daily routine used to be epic. These days a shower longer than two minutes is a luxury. Most days it’s a quick splash followed by deodorant, mascara, a bit of concealer, hair in a bun and out the door. If I have to wash my hair, that requires planning and has to be done while the children are asleep. If I’m wearing full makeup, you know it’s for a special occasion and that shit took effort - so you better bloody appreciate it!

Pre-mum life glam. Image supplied.

3. I’m a cheap date.

Once upon a time, I knew all the ‘hot spots’ and always had a new designer outfit to wear when I went out. Now, if a date consists of just a movie on the couch and a nice red wine I'm chuffed. If it’s uninterrupted and means I can lounge around, sign me up. If I do get to go out for dinner, two wines is all it takes to get me tipsy. And even if the meal is bad, it’s a whole lot better than the toast or omelette that is my dinner way too frequently.


4. Alone time just took on a whole new meaning.

I used to pack my days with activities - gym, work, drinks, cooking a healthy meal, reading. I massively took for granted all the alone time I had (I definitely didn’t sleep enough!). As a mum of two, time to myself is so hard to come by. If the only alone time I get is to do the grocery shopping or do a number two in peace I am STOKED. Throw in a massage or hair cut and O-M-G I’m a happy woman.

Image via iStock.

5. I'm a lot more 'go with the flow'.

Okay okay, I’ll admit - I’m still a stress head. I have tried, and failed, to be the ‘perfect mum’ many times, because there really is no such thing. However, I used to be fairly OCD about everything being in its place. The house needed to be orderly and spick and span. Now, if the floors are dirty or dishes in the sink one night when I fall into bed exhausted, who cares. With two under two it’s inevitable and I’ll deal with that tomorrow!

6. I appreciate the little things more.

I used to take things for granted and was always looking into the future for the ‘next thing’. Now, I’m trying my best to live in the moment more. I’m trying to soak up every minute with my babies while they’re still little (in between the crazy busy-ness!).

How has becoming a mum made you less high maintenance?