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A Facebook status and long-distance rumours: All the evidence The Bachelorette's Becky Miles may be single.

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Warning: This post contains some serious spoilers for The Bachelorette. If you're not a fan of spoilers, please kindly click away.

For the past three weeks, we've spent our week nights (at times, reluctantly) watching sisters Elly and Becky Miles try to find love on The Bachelorette.

And during those weeks, we've heard a bunch of rumours about this season's contestants. So much so, that we already know the two guys rumoured to win Elly and Becky's heart. 

While Frazer Neate has been tipped as Elly's frontrunner, Becky is suspected to walk out of the mansion with Pete Mann.

But things might not be that simple.

You see, there's another rumour going around that suggests Becky may have have already broken up with her winner. 

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So without further ado, here's all the evidence that Becky could very well be single. 

According to 'inside sources' Becky dumped Pete because of long-distance. 

An inside source told the Daily Mail last week that Becky ends up breaking up with rumoured winner Pete because the pair struggle to keep their relationship going while living in different states.

"She's very sweet, but the mathematics just didn't add up," the source reportedly told the publication.

"Pete was too invested in running his four coffee shops in Adelaide, and Becky wasn't keen on doing an Irena." 


During the show, Becky straight up asked Pete how their relationship would work with her living in New South Wales and him living in South Australia. 

"If we did leave this together, how do you think that would work? Cause, like, you're in Adelaide and you've got a business, too, and that's huge," said Becky. 

"My family, they're in Adelaide now - my brother and my parents. And my youngest brother, just over two years ago, had a brain injury and it was really serious - like, it was life-or-death stuff," Pete replied.

"He's still recovering from that. And part of my work mission in many ways is to build up my business to a stage where I don't have to work and, if it's needed, I can step in for mum and dad and look after Luke."

Becky has set her Facebook relationship status to single.

Well... this isn't looking good. 

Last week, The Wash noticed that Becky's relationship status on her private Facebook account is set to 'single'. 

Image: Facebook.  

While this doesn't exactly confirm she's split from her winner, the publication pointed out that Becky previously listed that she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend last year on Facebook so she's one to update these things. 


Becky's cryptic comments. 

Just like the Bachelorette's before them, Elly and Becky have taken part in a number of media interviews to talk about their time on the show. 

While both sisters have been careful not to give too much away during the interviews, some of Becky's comments seem to suggest that things might be a bit rocky between her and her winner. 

Speaking to Body + Soul in September, Becky said she wants time in the real world to explore her relationship. 


"I can say that we both chose someone at the end, and we’re both in happy places and I think the journey to love, I think that was always the end goal but in the end I just want time with my person on the outside to live a bit of a normal life and explore that," she told the publication.

She also spoke about her relationship outside of the show on Osher Günsberg's Better Than Yesterday podcast last month, "You’re trying your best to talk every day and text every day… and keeping that spark alive. Not long to go, we’re going to… stick with it!"

When both sisters were then asked by Who Entertainment if they found their happy ever after, Becky responded: "I’ve never seen Elly so smitten. Usually she gets a bit overwhelmed when guys are too keen on her. But now, she’s all in. She’s been really emotional and I’ve not really seen this side to her. It’s so nice."

She also previously told Mamamia that while her and Elly both walked out of The Bachelorette mansion with someone, she wouldn't use the L-word.

"No, I wouldn’t say I’m in love," said Becky.

"Elly and I both chose someone at the end of this. I’m in a really happy place and excited to see where it’s going to go. We’re in real life now and I just want time to spend with my person and see where life will take us now." 

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