The clever ways Rebecca Judd can tell her twins boys apart.

Rebecca Judd is totally nailing this mother of identical twins thing.

In fact, in just over a month the 33-year-old already has a bag of tricks for telling her two boys, Tom and Darcy, apart.

“I can totes tell them apart,” she wrote on Instagram, before listing off the five subtle signs that separate Baby A from Baby B.

They’ve got different shaped heads, for starters.

Different hairlines, “a stork bite” on opposite eyelids and apparently Darcy’s nose is slightly more turned up.

Plus, their personalities are totally different, which apparently came as a bit of a relief to the mum of four.

Want to know how she does it? Listen to her talk about how on I Don’t Know How She Does It:

Bec and her partner, AFL footballer Chris Judd, already have a two-year-old daughter, Billie, and a five-year-old son, Oscar together.

And while he’s obviously an adorable dad, it seems like Chris is still getting a handle on his growing brood.

That is, judging by his wife’s final remark:

“Don’t worry boys, mum’s got her crap together, your father on the other hand…”

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